Welcome to the Summer edition of the Club Newsletter. I trust you are enjoying the sunshine. We meanwhile are planning already for the indoor season for 2016-17.  It is going to be a major season for us, as we are hosting the British Isles Internationals and Championships next March. Our own member Jim Magee will be BIIBC President on the occasion. We also will be hosting the AIIB Championships and Ronnie McKitterick will be the Irish President.  Planning is already well advanced. We will be looking for volunteers in many respects – eg. Car parking stewards, umpires, board markers, bar staff, door stewards – so please let us know if you feel you can help out in any of these areas.  We also need to provide prizes for the daily raffle, so if you are feeling generous please leave donations in the Office. Thank you in advance.

Summer Leagues: We were able to operate 4 Summer leagues this year, and all are going well. I can only see this aspect of our Club expanding in the future. The Club has continued to host the Chartered Accountant exams.  The usual sprucing up of the Club continues.

Advance Notices:

1. The Club AGM: August 23rd at 8pm. We will be looking for a big turnout this year, as we are contemplating changes to rink fees and possibly membership. PLEASE make the effort this year to come and support your Club (and not complain later in the year about changes when your voice was missing.) We will also be proposing a major fund raising initiative.

The Committee is going to propose several changes to Club rules: the first one being that subs will no longer be able to skip; the second one that if a rink goes out with 3 players instead of 4 they will lose one third of their score instead of a quarter as at present; thirdly, for the 9.30 morning leagues only – a bell will ring at 10.20 am to signify the end of the tea break.

There has been some controversy about driving on the greens; now, while we cannot ban it completely we are appealing to members to apply common sense and thought to the rinks next door when driving is the only option; this is a health and safety issue.

2. Open Days for New Members: Tuesday August 30th from 4pm until 11pm.  Also Wednesday 31st – same times. I appeal to all Club members to encourage friends, relatives, carers etc to join – we need to expand our membership.  The usual Coaching classes for Beginners will occur in October and November for 8 weeks beginning on Monday October 10th.  If you introduce a new member to the Club you will receive a voucher for 4 x 2hour sessions. An addition this year will be what I will call a clinic for those bowlers who feel they have a problem and would like some advice. Details at a later date.

3. Members’ Open Nights: Tuesday September 6th from 4pm until 11pm; same times for Thursday 8th.

The new league season will begin on Monday September 12th. A reminder that ALL subs must be paid by October 12th, and this year members WILL be penalised if they have not paid by that date. BE WARNED!


1. Members and visitors are asked to place their bowls on the green and not drop them.

2. Please respect the rubber mats and don’t throw them at the wall at the close of an end.

3. ANY complaint must be put in writing to the Secretary. Anonymous comments re suggestions will be binned.

4. Abuse of Staff, whether duty staff, bar staff, restaurant staff or management will NOT be tolerated – by either visitors or members.

5. Members are encouraged to use the changing rooms and not leave their bags and clothes on chairs in the concourses – this is a health and safety issue.

6. Please do not wear your bowling shoes to travel in from the carpark and then go straight on to the green.

7. Members are asked not to park in either Disabled or Committee spots at the front to the building. Duty Staff will call members out to move cars parked illegally.

8. If you still have not let the Office have your e-mail address, please do so.

9. Skips are asked to notify any changes to their rink membership to the Office ASAP.


Ken Armstrong