You will have noticed by now, I hope, our new signs at the front gate.

Sadly, we lost two of our founder members in March: John Nutt and Brendan McBrien; as Vice Chairman, John will be especially missed.

The Club Dinner in March went well, despite being down a little in numbers. The Club’s Championship cups were awarded to those who attended.

Club 3-bowl Pairs Competition: went well and was won by Simon Martin and Clifford Craig.  Congratulations also to Simon for winning the North Down Sports Personality of the Year Award.  Chloe Watson was given the Merit Award.

Summer leagues: we are now running 3 summer leagues.

Some late hotshots: 1. P.Lavery, G.Riley, I.Kane, I.McIntyre;

2. J.Watson and S.Kirkwood;

3. M.O’Flaherty and E.O’Reilly --- well done to all of those.

Beginners Competitions: Beginners Pairs Final went down to the last bowl and the winners were Richard and Zack Millar; the Beginners Triples League was won by C.Corry, A.Corry, and B.Anderson; the Singles Final was won by Charlie Corry and the Runner –Up was Ena Timmons.  All the presentations were made on March 31st by the Chairman, Ronnie McKitterick.  Ian Bamford generously sponsored these Beginners matches and we are grateful to him.

Meanwhile, back at the chalkface: welcome back after the glorious summer break! (who says Ulster folk are not sarcastic?). A lot of work is and has been ongoing in the stadium: exams, the 3 summer leagues, the Arts Society of Ulster, the usual painting and freshening up process etc.  We are still working on major projects to reduce our running costs – more of which at the AGM in August.

NB: For the 2014-2015 season: clarification – note from our Chairman:

  1. Members are asked to respect the rubber delivery mats and not throw them about onto the concourse.
  2. Similarly, members are asked not to drop bowls onto the greens.
  3. There is to be no practising on the green 15 minutes prior to a league game – unless it is on the other green; and even then, practising MUST be paid for. It is not free.
  4. ANY complaint must be put in writing to the Secretary. Oral complaints to any Committee member are not sufficient. Alternatively, the Suggestions Box may be used, but not anonymously.
  5. Abuse of Staff: either Restaurant, Bar or Duty Staff - this will not be tolerated.
  6. Similarly, bad language will not be tolerated – by either members or visitors.
  7. Members are encouraged to use the cloakrooms, and must not leave their bowling bags and shoes, clothes etc on the concourses – this is a health and safety issue!
  8. Once again, members are asked not to park in Disabled or Committee spots at the front of the building.
  9. Finally, if you have not yet signed up to receiving your summer pack by e-mail, please do so if you have this facility, as it saves the Club a lot of postage.

AGMThis year will occur on Monday August 25th at 8pm. Please make an effort to attend this meeting as important changes are in the offing.


Also: when submitting League entry forms, please try to ensure all organisers of the rinks (not always the skips!) have sufficient rink members to guarantee play.

Plus, any changes to your rinks during the year, due to ill health, injury or someone dropping out, must be notified to Management.

OPEN DAYS: for new or non-members ONLY (unless a member is accompanying a new or potential member): Wednesday 27thand Thursday 28th August from 4pm until 10.00pm.   To our own members: please encourage friends, relatives, carers etc to join – more members helps to reduce costs.  Introduce a new member, and claim a voucher for 4 free 2 hour sessions of bowls!

OPEN DAYS FOR MEMBERS: Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th September from 4pm until 11.00pm.

Finally, some dates for the diary:

  • League & competition forms should be completed and returned to the stadium by Friday 8th August.
  • The new league fixtures will be available from Friday 5th September
  • The New Leagues start Monday on 15th September.