Last season was “run of the mill” and the forthcoming season will see the club host the ladies British Isles Championships and Home International Series in March and the WIBC Singles and mixed pairs in April 2007.

The competitions committee has reviewed all the leagues/competitions and there are a number of alterations/additions made to the programme that is set out overleaf in this Newsletter.

You have received entry forms that require your attention and they should be returned by the 1st August with the appropriate fees.  Last year alot of forms weren’t returned in time and this caused unnecessary problems setting up the leagues etc.  There are a number of leagues that are heavily subscribed so it will be a case of first come first served.  Your co-operation would be appreciated.

I have a number of items that I wish to bring to your attention in this Newsletter.


The club will be open each evening Monday to Saturday inclusive from Monday 14th August at 6.30pm for general enquiries and casual play.  Week commencing Monday 4th September it will be open for play daily Monday to Friday from 2.30pm to 10.45pm. except for Wednesday 6th when the club will open at 4.30pm to 11.00pm.  The club will be open from 9.30am on Saturday 9th September.

A men’s 2 bowl-triples competition commences on Monday 4th September at 6.45pm during subsequent evenings and the full league programme begins at 9.30am on 11th September.

AGM   8PM  22nd  AUGUST 2006  BIBC

The Club AGM will be held on Tuesday 22nd August 2006  at 8pm at BIBC for full members only.  The honorary treasurer’s report will be published in the Club at least 28 days before the date of the AGM.

Usually few members attend AGMs, whatever the Club or organisation.  However this is your opportunity to hear how the Officers and committee have handled the affairs of your Club throughout the year and you can question them about their stewardship.

Three members of the committee have completed their term of office and intend standing for re-election – Molly Scott, Bobby Johnston & Eddie McNally   It is important to know that any other full member can stand for election as well if they so wish.

To encourage you to attend the AGM, a draw will be held at the end of the meeting and the winning member will receive free annual subscription for the year 2006/7.


The annual subscription will be set at the AGM on 22nd August and is due to be paid between that date and the 1st October 2006 at the latest.

You should note that if a member does not pay their subscription by 31st October 2006 their membership of the Club will be terminated automatically on 1st November without further notice.

Should a member have health problems and do not expect to play bowls at all during the season, a sympathetic view on placing their membership “on hold” will be taken by the committee provided that a letter is received by the honorary secretary before the 31stOctober 2006.


There is the usual programme of league and knockout competitions but you should note that a number of alterations/additions to the programme have taken place –


  • Men’s senior league to be played at 2pm with any additional games played on Tuesday at 2pm as required.
  • Men’s evening A& B leagues will be played together at 6.45pm subject to entries.  Any overspill will be played at 8.45pm.
  • Coaching at 6.45pm to be arranged.


  • Men’s evening A & B leagues will be played together at 6.45pm. subject to entries.  Any overspill will be played at 8.45pm.


  • Men’s evening A & B leagues will be played together at 6.45pm. subject to entries.  Any overspill will be played at 8.45pm.
  • Men’s pairs league at 8.45pm weekly.


  • Men’s evening A & B leagues will be played together at 6.45pm. subject to entries.  Any overspill will be played at 8.45pm.
  • Mixed league at 6.45pm weekly.


  • Men’s evening league played at 7.15pm.


  • Red & blue sections will play together at 2pm.
  • Prize rinks night on one Saturday evening per month to be arranged.


  • Two-bowls mixed triples at 4pm.
  • Club closes at 6.30pm on a Sunday.

All other leagues remain unchanged.

League entries - £10 per rink.

Club competitions – Singles £3. Pairs, Triples & Fours £2.50 each player.

Postponed game rule change

  • The onus has reverted back to the postponing rink to make the arrangements with their opposition to play the postponed game within 1 calendar month.  If the fixture is not fulfilled within 1 calendar month the points will be awarded to the opposition.
  • Rinks dropping out of leagues during the season together with a big increase in postponed matches not being played is costing the Club thousands of £s which the Club cannot afford.  Your co-operation is being sought as entering a league brings with it the obligation that you will fulfil all the fixtures.


The ladies section AGM was held at the end of April and the following Officers were elected:

President                                  Maureen McCaffery

Vice President                           Betty Craig

Honorary Secretary                    Ellen Gordon

Honorary Treasurer                    June Wilson

  • Doreen Miskelly was elected to the executive committee and elected Senior Vice President of the World Indoor Bowls Council.


There will be 4 open evenings held in August.

·        Tuesday        1st           and      Wednesday   2nd   August   7-10pm

·        Wednesday   9th           and      Thursday      10th  August   7-10pm


We have a vacancy for a relief duty officer commencing in September.  The job will involve working casual hours as and when required during the months of September to April inclusive.  Details of duties and personal requirements for the post are contained on a separate sheet within this pack of information.  An application form can be obtained from the manager and must be returned to him by 14th August.  If you are aware of anyone who might be interested, ask them to contact the manager at the club.


During each of the past three years there has been a large drop in membership.  This is a major concern so it is essential that the Club continues to enrol new members.  Every effort is being made by the committee but I would ask you to spread the word and encourage as many of your friends, fellow short mat or outdoor bowlers, young people and disabled to come along to share your enjoyment and the smoke-free environment should be emphasised.  Enclosed is a membership form to give to anyone who might consider joining.  Only one new member each would double the size of the Club membership.  What a prospect!

So your effort to encourage new members is essential as additional members help to reduce the ever-increasing cost to maintain our facility to the present high standard.  If the decline in membership isn’t halted we will all have to pay substantially more for our sporting pleasure.  As well as trying to recruit new members, should you be thinking about not renewing your membership I would earnestly ask you to reconsider as the club needs you to continue playing.

As an incentive, an adult full member who introduces someone to the Club and that person is accepted as a full member and pays the full annual subscription, he/she will receive a voucher for 4 free 2-hour sessions.

Finally, we look forward to you attending the AGM on 22 August and to your returning in September.  Enjoy the rest of your summer - as I write it is coming down in stair rods!

Jimmy Sayers