‘BIBC NEWS’ – SEPT. 2013

Welcome to the September edition of your Club Newsletter.

Have a look around! Two new carpets; a new electronic scoreboard; an extended Club shop; new lounge furniture. We are not standing still at the Watson Stadium!
If, like me, you have been regularly soaked during our so-called summer, a reminder that we do offer summer leagues in the Stadium – if you want to stay dry! Think about it for next year.

Clearly, a lot has been going on since the end of last year’s indoor season. A new, and exciting season lies ahead – in many ways. We have been guaranteed by Dales a speed of 17 to 17.5 secs on each green (or blue).There will be one carpet stretch before Xmas.
The Committee trusts that you approve of all the changes. We are grateful to Sport NI for giving us most of the money for the carpets. All the other changes we are paying for ourselves.
A lot of painting has been completed and the concourses deep-cleaned.

New carpets: sorry to repeat myself here but we MUST protect our new facilities.
1.    Do NOT arrive at the Stadium in bowling shoes – and thus transfer some dirt onto the carpets.
2.    Please learn NOT to bounce your bowls on the carpets – this DOES harm! Bend your knee!
3.    Smokers – if you MUST leave the green for a smoke outside, PLEASE clean your feet thoroughly upon re-entering.
4.    Guarantee that you are wearing the correct footwear on the green.  No trainers at ANY time!

Talking of rules: Uniform .  Club rules are very clear –  mainly white tops and grey below (for both men and women).
If children are brought into the Clubhouse they must be properly supervised at all times. They are not permitted to run around – this is not just a matter of behaviour, but one of health and safety.

Club Shop: special deal on LB trousers (white and grey) for both men and women – reduced to £17.50, with limited stock.

Club Membership: most members now pay by credit card at the desk- a reminder these MUST be paid by the end of September.
Also –use your membership card to get reductions on meals at the Restaurant.

An energy audit has been undertaken, and major changes are being proposed here too – a new biomass pellet boiler for one green; new LED lighting for the top green; (Question – can we still continue to call it a ‘green’??);and further insulation around the Club; solar panels are still an option. I will keep you all in touch with developments here after our consultant reports back.

A successful AGM was held on Tuesday August 20th, despite the relatively low turnout of 80. I really do wonder why, with a membership of well over 1100 members, so few are not interested in attending their own AGM. We welcome a new Committee member in Irene Minnis. Good news is that there was no increase in either Subscriptions or Rink Fees.
In the September Committee meeting, all Club offices will be filled (details in the October Newsletter.)

The Club has taken over the Presidency of the AIIB – your Editor is the new President. My aim this year is to raise funds to help our own players make the trip to Stanley. To this end I will be running a monthly Table Quiz on the last Saturday of each month, beginning in September.

Open Days: August 29th and 30th – we are going for a big sell this year, hoping for an increase in new members. Please spread the word. More members = more money = no increase in annual subscription!

The last Summer edition of the Newsletter had dates for your diary, which I hope you have noted.

Coaching Corner: positive thinking- in Ulster we have a general tendency to be a bit negative at times, but I am going to suggest some tips for a more positive attitude. A common expression is that ‘practice makes perfect’.  Wrong!  Good practice makes perfect!  Naturally, there is a model delivery action which we all aspire to; most of us will however, experience difficulties in adhering to this and consequently suffer from inconsistency.  Of course, as a coach, I will naturally suggest to you (if asked) certain changes in your delivery action, or stance etc.

Often, a bowler when on the mat, tightens up, and consequently the bowl does not do what was expected of it. I suggest a breathing exercise: have several deep breaths in and out, steady yourself and step forward on the out breath; follow through on the line of delivery, and stand up (or back onto the mat), and watch your delivery- to spot for any necessary correction.
Also: everyone needs to ‘zone in’ for a delivery ie. concentrate on what you are doing on the mat; talk(inwardly!) to yourself saying that you can do it – positive thinking.  Conversely, ‘zone out’ everything extraneous ie. the noise of bowlers on the same rink, or nearby, spectators etc. Some bowlers do try to put their opponents off (really??) by talking a lot. While on the mat you have the RIGHT to ask for quiet. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you bowl a bad bowl. We ALL do it.
The most important aspect to successful bowling is concentration. When you are in full control here, a lot of positive things will happen. These are just a FEW examples of how to improve your bowling through positive action on your own part.

The more observant amongst you will have noticed a new venture in the foyer – sayings of the week.  You might very well have some suggestions, but I do have a lot at the moment thank you.
Also in the foyer, we are, once again, collecting old mobile phones to benefit the Share Centre, in Lisnaskea.

Final Reminder: new League season begins on Monday 16th September.  I wish all our members, and hopefully new members, a successful and enjoyable season.