‘BIBC NEWS’ –  2014 October

Welcome to your newssheet for October. The leagues are all now well under way, and the wet Ulster summer is now well behind us.

PLEASE NOTE: there was almost a dangerous accident one night last week when a player on one rink fired very heavily and the bowls scattered, one of which hit a lady member on the knee on the next rink. Now, the Club recognises firing cannot be prevented, but we would ask all those who intend to fire to think of doing the following:

1. Ask the two thirds to stand one each side of the rink and try to stop any bowl interfering on another rink next door;

2. As in short mat, inform those at the far end of your rink that you intend to fire.  This is a matter of health and safety – so please think about it.

From the Restaurant: Alberta reminds members not to bring their own food into the restaurant area. It still is permissible of course to eat your own food in the bar areas.

I know, but it is the time of year to book your Xmas dinner – think about your short mat club for instance.

Also: Alberta is now offering Afternoon each day from 2pm until 4pm at a cost of £10 for 2 people.

Coffee Morning: this year the Macmillan Coffee Morning in aid of Cancer Charity will be Wednesday 29th October from 10am until 1pm.  Please support this annual event. The Ladies Committee would appreciate your help.

Short Mat dates: Saturday October 4th sees them use the lower green; October 18th they are on the top green; November 8th and 22nd – top green. The Saturday league starts on October 11th, and the Sunday league October 12th.

Reminder: Subs must be paid by October 14th . NOTE : unless you have a legitimate reason, there will be a £5 surcharge for late payment!

Another reminder: if you have to cancel or postpone a match, you MUST inform the Office  AND it is still YOUR responsibility to inform your opposition.

Parking : this is yet another appeal to selfish members who continue to park in either Disabled spots or Committee spaces in the front carpark. To park in these spaces you MUST either have a Blue Disabled badge or a committee label. The Committee is being forced to consider introducing a clamping system.

Yet another annual reminder: the dress code for Senior Games and all evening leagues is STRICTLY grey trousers, or skirts. It is permissible to wear a Club shirt, but JEANS will not be permitted. You can not wear jeans in an outdoor match, so why try to insist on wearing them indoor??

Coaching classes begin on Monday October 13th at 7.15pm. Please encourage relatives, friends, neighbours and carers to come and join in. Cost is £4.

To date: new members total approx. 100.

Point on Law: if the lead delivers the jack into the ditch or off the side, and the second lead does likewise, then the first lead retains the option of moving the mat to a different position. The jack is of course spotted on the T.

Question – have you lost a game and wondered if it was down to an interpretation (or misinterpretation!) of the rules??  Then leave your name in the Office and Billy McConkey will organise a clinic to deal with all questions.