‘BIBC NEWS’ – OCT. 2013

Welcome to the October edition of your Club Newsletter. A lot has been happening over the past few months.

The unveiling of the plaque for the new carpets happened and Ms Antoinette McKeown, the newly appointed CEO of SportNI did the honours; we were also pleased to have the Mayor of Castlereagh, Mr David Drysdale with us as well as some Councillors. (see below). I have received nothing but positive comments about the whole proceeding so far.

The new electronic scoreboards are now in operation, and so far (!) nobody has taken a monitor home. We are installing new lounge furniture as well.

Subscriptions : final date for payment is October 15th – note – you will not be allowed on the green to play after that date without payment. Checks WILL be made.

The restaurant is operating a new loyalty card system this year – notices are all round the place so take advantage of the offers. Note : you CANNOT take advantage of these cards unless, and until, you pay your sub!

Gift Aid : we have started this year collecting; PLEASE fill in a form if you have not yet done so. It costs you nothing and the Club benefits. Thank you.

Important date: the two carpets were stretched on Tuesday Sept. 24th and both were timed at over 17secs. So far, seriously, I have received no negative comments about the blue, but there has been a small increase in visors being worn!

Another Date: this year the Charity Coffee morning will be on Wednesday October 23rd from 10am to 12pm– the Charity is Chest, Heart and Stroke – so PLEASE support this!!

Coaching for Beginners, and those who need some help (!) starts on Monday October 14th, so spread the word.

Since the AGM there has been another Committee Meeting, and the year’s Sub Committees have been appointed. No room for them here but see a full list on the Secretary’s noticeboard on the bottom green.

Short Mat Dates: the Irish Assoc. will be playing here on 28th September, 5th October and 9th November – all Saturdays.

Sad Fact : sadly someone (male), was smoking in the gents’ toilets on the middle concourse. Reminder – you will be banned!!

There was a Table Quiz on Saturday September 28th in the top bar- this is to benefit those of our members who are chosen to represent Ireland next March in Stanley (Co. Durham). See the notices around the Club.

The next Table Quiz will be on Saturday November 2nd – once again, please support this venture for our International players. This will be the Halloween night, with festive games, festive dress (!) and festive food in the Restaurant.

Reminder: there should be no practising on the green prior to a match, and if you do wish to practice then you should pay for it. Another point from the Office- if you book to play on a rink, stay on it and don’t decide on your own bat to move to another rink please.

Club Shop : new BIBC polo shirts are now available @ £20 – limited supply.

Editorial comment: not just this year, but I have noticed that when one team, or rink, when winning, insist on turning over the scoreboard until it is embarrassing for the losing team. Can I appeal for some fairness in the spirit of the game– it is in nobody’s interest to see a rink getting slaughtered, especially one containing new members. Fair comment???

Car – Parking : sadly, some members are insisting on parking at the front in Disabled spots. Let it be known that we are determined to stop this – it simply is not fair that some our (legal) disabled members have to walk round from the rear carpark.

Postponed games:for clarification this year. The Office will issue a Postponed Fixture Slip, and the procedure is that you must offer 3 dates to your opponent – on two different days and not consecutively. The dates must be offered within 10 days and the fixture must be played within 28 days of the original date. You are to complete the form and return Part A to the Office; you must inform your opponent of the dates (Part B) and if the dates are not accepted and the game is not played within 28 days you must inform the Office in order to be awarded the league points.