As usual, some members are leaving it to the last minute to pay their subs, and the Committee must be looking at some form of penalty next year. Going to press there are still over 260 who have yet to pay. On the plus side however, over 110 new members have joined us, and hopefully some more will do so via the Coaching on Monday evenings.

Club News: the new Club Constitution is now available for those who have difficulty sleeping at nights.  
We are asking members to turn their mobile phones to silent during play on the greens – out of respect for other players.
A reminder to our male members who play in the evening leagues – dress code requires grey/black trousers but a PREDOMINANTLY white shirt please.

General : The Club has purchased a Club flag for special occasions and will be on display near the front of the Clubhouse.

Car-Parking : two problems here. A few members are still insisting on parking their cars in either Committee spaces or Disabled spots. If they persist (and we know who they are!) they WILL be clamped. Secondly, some members have been parking their cars at the front within the white chevrons – thereby causing a potential hazard. Please avoid these areas – they are there for a purpose.

Etiquette : recently this year there have been several breaches of this basic but essential code. No bowler sets out to bowl a bad bowl, and when he accidentally knocks into the head an opponent’s bowl it is BAD etiquette for the opposition to applaud it. For footfaulting I enclose a longer comment below.
Postponed or cancelled games: Please if and when it is necessary to phone an opponent do not leave messages on an answer machine – this method has twice this year (so far) failed, with the opposition not getting the message and turning up to play a match.

Plastic cups: another appeal. If you use these cups please empty them at the conclusion of your game and throw used cups in the bin. This will greatly help our cleaning staff.

Christmas : the downtown shops will tell you that it is that time of year again. Plan ahead and book in for your Xmas dinner with Alberta now. Think perhaps of your Short Mat teams.
Turning Right : there have been two incidents so far nearly involving an accident. We would suggest (and perhaps appeal) for members leaving the Club to turn left – especially after the 4pm shift. You can turn round at the Garage or the estate just up the road.

Castlereagh Council’s Deputy Mayor Cecil Hall congratulating the winners of the recent Disabled Bowlers Tournament.

The Singles Championships for the Visually Handicapped are coming up in November – 15th, 16th and 17th to be exact. Please note that there are no morning and afternoon leagues on those days – BUT the evening leagues are not affected.

Footfaulting: let us start with Stance on the Mat – a player, at the moment of delivering the jack or bowl, shall have all or part of one foot within the confines of the mat. The foot may be in contact with or above the mat. Failure to observe this constitutes foot-faulting. Now, if a player infringes this Law, the umpire shall, after having given a warning, have the bowl stopped and declared dead. If the bowl has disturbed the head, the opponent shall have the option of (a) resetting the head, or (b) leaving the head as altered, or (c) declaring the end dead.