Welcome to the October edition -note we have a new (temporary) title; we shall choose a different one each month. Suggestions are still welcome.Talking of which – the Suggestions Box has remained silent for 4 months now. What does that say?? We must be doing something right!

OK – we are up and running again for the new season. May I mind everyone that all subs MUST be paid by the end of October (2008).  All members should carry their membership cards with you – there WILL be spot checks. Thanks to Co-Operative Travel for sponsoring our cards this year – much appreciated.

From the Office – a request that all score cards should be filled in correctly, AND handed in to the office. You would be amazed how many cards are taken home! Another request – from many sources – that members walk down the centre of their rink and not down the line (as they say). This is, after all, just good etiquette and stops members shouting at each other!

If you use a second jack borrowed from the Office, please return it. There was acase just recently of a jack left on the step where you step down onto the green – dangerous practice.

The Open Nights were very successful again, especially the first night when we had over 75 potential new members.Up to date we have 115 new members actually signed up; as yet, we do not have the figures of those who, for various reasons, are no longer members.I would like to thank the lady members of the Committee especially for their help in organising these 4 Open Nights.The new Coaching session has already started, with an encouraging 16 beginners on the first night. Please encourage your friends, especially those who have just retired, to come along.

Late news: The Seniors (or Vets) won the International series in Wales at the end of September - the first time in 11 years I understand - so well done to them.

Speaking of friends, and relatives, may I remind all members that our Stadium is a great place to have a private function, such a birthday or anniversary party. Forms are available in the foyer.

This year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning in aid of Cancer Research was held on Tuesday 23rd and raised the grand total of £480. Thanks to all who contributed to this venture, especially the Ladies’ Committee who provided the buns, and Alberta who provided the tea and coffee; we could not do this without them.

Social Events :

We are now into October and our first social event will be a Poker Night on Saturday 4th (see notices); this will be followed by a Steak Night on Saturday 18th – booking is essential!!

The annual Halloween Fancy Dress / Charity Rinks night and dance last year  proved to be one of the most popular and was very well attended – the date for your diary this year is Saturday November 1st.Reminder from last year below!!