I am sure you will all join with me in being saddened by the sudden death of Alan Kirkwood. He was a popular Club member and a valued Treasurer of the Irish Bowls Wheelchair Association. We send our condolences to his family.


Some members are still insisting on smoking inside the Stadium. The Club risks being fined over £2000. Smokers must leave the premises to smoke. I ask all Club members to help staff uphold this rule.

Some Club members in the evening Leagues are insisting in wearing coloured shirts and black jeans. Members will be warned once only; after that it will be handled by the Committee.

Unfortunately, the Disabled Parking spaces in the front car park are being abused by some thoughtless members. Please be more thoughtful and park sensibly.

In the first 4 weeks of the season, 54 games were postponed, costing the Club £1296; I know (hope!) that most of these will be re-arranged. I know also that that number was exceptional.

Okay, that’s all the bad news. The Coffee morning that we held for Macmillan Cancer raised £608, a sum donated mainly by those bowling on Friday. Thank you all. Thanks too in this context to Vera and the restaurant staff for not only donating the tea, coffee, sugar and milk, but in closing the restaurant for the duration of the Coffee morning. The Ladies’ Section also deserves thanks for providing the cakes, etc, and manning the tables.

The next Car Boot Sale will be on Saturday November 3rd from 9.30 am until noon.  PLEASEtry to support this event.

There will be a monthly competition from October. This month’s is a Lottery Bonus ball which costs £10 for ten weeks (£25 per week to the winner). There is also a Dingbats competition for those who are into that sort of thing.

The main social event in October will be the Halloween Fancy Dress Hooley; there will be a late bar, tombola, music, supper, and a presentation to Stanley Hegan. The fun will be preceded by a Charity Rinks competition (which may also be fun!) All this for just £5 !!! You do not have to bowl, or dress up, but do anyway!

Did any of you see the well-known Third who bent down to mark the jack for a toucher? His opponent presented him with yellow chalk to hide the marks.

Saturday 13th October sees the first of our Poker Nights. Notices are up giving details.




ON 906274625

Had a bad day on the rink?? Instead of throwing your bowls into the Lagan why not advertise them here . . .

We are also making available a notice board and space on the website for the same purpose – but any item can be advertised using the standard form, and paying a small fee.

Congratulations to some Club members:

Patrick McCafferty in the AIIB Singles Championships beat Gary Kelly in a dramatic match 21-20; he then beat G McKee 21-11 to reach the Semi-Finals, where he will meet K Padgett.

Similarly, Patrick Burns beat A Sloan 21-3, and then A Patterson 21-5 to reach the Semi–Finals. Well done to both! Support them here on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December.

The Club Selectors are now at work, so if you see anyone taking notes near your rink you’ll know why. The Inter-Association games this year will be at the Baker Stadium on Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th November, so watch for the BIBC team sheet in late October.

I trust you approve of our new televisions. We are also now receiving Sky TV and details of Saturday and Sunday programmes will be announced shortly; we would hope to view Premiership football and rugby matches, with a happy hour, and perhaps some food.

Finally, new gaming machines are now in place, and already are beginning to pay their way. You will have seen (perhaps) the new pool table, which is going to replace the snooker table. Members note that this (again, perhaps!) is to gauge Club reaction. We know we are going to offend some members who play snooker, but we would hope to generate more revenue with the pool table. Let either myself or the Manager know what you think about this change.

Enjoy your bowling,

Ken Armstrong