‘BIBC NEWS’ – NOV 2010

Welcome to the November edition of your Club Newsletter.

Congratulations to our Club Ladies team who defeated their Baker equivalents 79 shots to 65 ( Moya McGuile’s rink was the one that did most damage!). They followed this up by defeating the Ballymoney Ladies by 66 shots to 59. Well done! Let’s hope the men do as well.

The Men’s Inter-Association games are on  February 12th and 13th 2011 in Ballymoney; the Juniors are on January 8th and 9th. A full list of all selected for both Juniors and Seniors is up on the board.

The AIIB National Championships : the last 16 in the three stadiums are now being played here; the Fours on Sunday Nov. 14th and the 2 bowl Pairs on Saturday Nov. 27th. Two of our Triples qualified for the Semi Finals to be played here this year in December.

The PBA Pairs qualifiers were played recently and David Corkill and Chris Eadie are through to Potters next January. Good wishes go to John McCullough who plays Alex Marshall on Monday November 8th.

Note that the Club is looking for members to undertake a short Markers Course. Please think about adding your name to the list.  We are also running a course in November for aspiring Assistant Coaches – let me know.

The recent Coaching classes have attracted big numbers I am glad to say – my appeal to you to send potential members along has obviously worked!  Late news! Because of the numbers I am offering an extra coaching day – Tuesdays between 4 pm and 6pm.

The Bowls Shop is also doing well. Note: the Shop will undertake to buy secondhand bowls at a reasonable commission.  Members are therefore asked not to display ‘for sale’ signs around the Boards – please. Xmas Special – the Shop is offering Gift Vouchers for sale – making it easy to choose something for one you love!

Rule clarification : (1)  tie end. A new toss occurs – whoever wins can give the jack away. The end will be played from where the previous end finished.
(2) if a jack rebounds off the bank onto the green it is still live, and also must be no less than 20metres from where it lies; if a bowl which is a toucher rebounds from the bank onto the green it remains a live bowl.

MAT(T!) ABUSE: ALL players (but particularly SKIPS), are asked to treat the rubber mats more kindly. Please refrain from throwing them against the bank, the wall, chairs or other players. Mats are OUR property- each one costs £20.

Congratulations also, of course, to 2 of our members who represented N.Ireland at the Commonwealth Games – Sandra Baillie and Paul Daly.

COACHING ADVICE: Concentration is, as I have said many times before, one of the keys to successful bowling, but there is another I wish to expand on – routine. Routine can be the key to consistent bowling! So – here it is!

Delivery Stage 1 : prepare for delivery  - pick up bowl; obtain instructions from skip; step on mat; select appropriate delivery line and align body and feet in the direction of delivery; tune out any distractions; use positive self-talk to affirm yourself; focus eyes on delivery line and use instructional trigger.

Stage 2 : execute the delivery – sense the neuromuscular ‘feel’ of the ideal delivery; focus on the delivery line or point of aim and let the arm swing and delivery flow.

Stage 3: follow through and recover- follow through along the line of delivery palm upwards; observe the motion of the bowl and assess any correction required; relax and recover from delivery posture.

Stage 4: awaiting next turn – relax but stay focused on the game; use positive self-talk and trigger words to affirm yourself and remain focused.

As we approach the holiday season, the Restaurant is now taking bookings for the Xmas dinners. This is always a popular event so it is necessary to plan and book ahead for your rinks, Club or Short mat group. Menus are available.