Inter Stadium Matches: October saw the first matches in the Inter Club series for both men and ladies.  (A reminder for our members that we are entering two teams in the competition this year). Interestingly the first home game saw our Number 1 team beat the Number 2 team, but lost 1 rink to their ‘juniors’.  Number 2 Team played at Baker on October 18th and the result was a win for Baker but our team won on one rink.

Our Number 1 team played Ballymoney on the 22nd and the result was an away win (sadly) by 4 shots (5 points to 2). They then played Co Antrim on the 29th and the result was: a win for Co Antrim by 5 shots overall with 2 rinks up and 2 down.

Our Number 2 team travelled up to Ballymoney and one rink was up (Raymond Barr beat Gary Kelly), but lost overall.

However – Big congratulations to our Ladies who played Co Antrim on Sunday 15th and won overall by 12 shots mainly due to a good win for Liz Bruce’s rink. Well done!

They then travelled to Ballymoney on Sunday 22nd and won overall, thereby winning the Inter-Club competition.

Cancelled Matches: October 16th saw the cancellation of a lot of matches due to the stormy weather – all these matches can be re-arranged up to February 1st next year. Please try to do this!  Up to the end of October, we have currently had 105 games postponed at a potential cost to the club of £2784.  30 Matches have been played, but 7 have seen walkovers given at a cost of £192 – money which we will not get back. Please try and play all your matches.

Changes to Rinks: As a reminder once again – if you make any changes to your rink, please inform the Duty Office, so the staff can update your entry form.

Subs: Another reminder – you can name 6 people on your rink and you can play another 2 people who are not named, so there should be no excuses for cancelling matches.  Note: no un-named players can skip rinks!!

Internationals: The Irish U18s went to Bristol in mid October and returned with 2 silver medals in the Pairs with Rees Millar and Adam McKeown.

Rinks Afternoon: We have started a new venture with a friendly rinks competition on Wednesdays from 4-6pm. So far numbers have been good, but there is always room for more. Just fun bowling! Come along and register by 3-55pm and pay just £2 for the 2 hours.

Coffee Morning: The annual Charity Coffee morning went well as usual and raised £1252 for the charity Tiny Life.President Liz Kinder was really pleased; thanks as usual to all her helpers including Alberta and the girls in the Restaurant. Congratulations to Liz for a splendid effort this year.

Remember that the Short Mat British Isles Championships are held here on Friday and Saturday 17th and 18th, so no leagues on those days.

Just for the men: Please don’t leave half empty mugs on top of the lockers festering away for days. I am quite sure the ladies’ locker rooms would not have this! A delicate one – some male members have asked me to ensure that our men please flush the toilets when leaving. Also if you use a plastic cup for drinking water, please dispose of it once you are finished with it!!

Clarification on something I wrote in last month’s edition regarding ‘calling’ bowls. Of course I did not mean you are not to encourage your own bowls into the head; but I do take exception to calling your opponent’s bowls OUT of the head, or encouraging them to go into the ditch for example.

Yet another reminder about etiquette – only the nominated person should measure shots (usually the third)- leads and seconds should not be interfering.

Re-spotting Jacks: The new rule regarding re-spotting jacks has been in operation now for a while and comments I have received have all been positive – eg. more ends are being played.

Some more dos and donts!

1. Profanity never made a player out of a bad shot.

2. You must learn to control yourself before you can control the bowls.

3. Play fair!

4. Determination, Desire, Ability – in that order.

5.Width and weight are the ‘priceless gems’ in bowling.

Xmas Dinners: It is nearly that time of the year.  Xmas dinners will be  served from Monday 4th to Wednesday 20th December.  We have a couple of nights of live music lined up on Sat 9th Dec with music from “Normandee” and Sat 16th Dec, with music from “Dimes”.


Ken Armstrong