‘BIBC NEWS’ – 2015 November

Hopefully I can claim that everybody has paid their sub for the year. There has been a healthy increase in numbers, and it’s just a bit early to establish the number of members who are not returning.

I am delighted to say that the yearly coaching class is going very well, with well over 20 attending every Monday night.

Congratulations to our Ladies Inter-Association team who won the Inter Stadium Cup away at Ballymoney. Well done ladies, and here’s hoping our men can emulate that success this month.

On behalf of the Management Committee I have to report that the Club is in its 50th year and we are going to celebrate in various ways this month (see later in this Newsletter, and posters), but I also want to explain where we spend money as the building begins (like all of us) to creak and show signs of age.

So, despite installing a new biomass boiler last year, it appears we now need to replace 2 gas boilers which heat not only the water but also back up the boiler. It is obvious that some of the carpets around the greens are in need of replacement too. We do our best to minimise the cost of repairs and replacements but occasionally we do have to spend. It is our intention to install LED lighting as a priority.

Committee for 2015 - 2016: for details see the Notice on Secretary’s Board. If any members have anything to bring to the attention of the Committee, please address it in writing to the Secretary. Same goes for the Suggestions Box.

Water Dispenser: please use the PLASTIC cups for the water, NOT the Coffee cups.

Law: if a bowl in transit to the head is on a path that takes it onto a neighbouring rink & looks likely to hit a bowl on that rink, as long as the bowl is on its original course, any bowl in its path is allowed to be moved.

Postponed games: reminder – if YOU cancel or postpone a game, it is YOUR responsibility to inform your opponent and the Office. It is up to your opponent to give YOU 3 dates to replay the match, all 3 are to be within 1 month of the original date (Unless around Christmas) but cannot be 3 of the same days & times but a variation of both.

Scorecards: another reminder if YOUR rink is on the left of the card, then your rink score goes on the top of the scoreboard and the left of the electronic board.


New Pairs League on Thursdays – we are still just a few short to make this a viable option. Any last minute entries let the Office know ASAP.

The Coffee Morning: organised by the Ladies Section was well attended and raised the total of £801 for NI Childrens’ Hospice. Thanks to all the ladies who served tea, coffee, etc etc and Alberta for supplying the liquid refreshments. Well done!

Monday November 2nd sees Rebecca from Thorntons selling some beautiful chocolates in time for Xmas (from 10am until 2pm.) Please support this event.

Monday November 2nd – there will be a Miglio jewellery sale from 10.30am until 2pm.

Saturday November 7th and 21st sees the Irish Short Mat folks here.

Sunday 22nd November sees the men’s Triples Qualifiers for the AIIB.

50th Anniversary Dinner : November 28th. Tickets are now on sale at £20 each.

As of 1st November there are only 10 tickets remaining for sale, so get in there quick!!

There will be an Invitation Match between Past and Present BIBC Internationals starting at 5.30pm, a drinks reception for guests from 6-6.30pm, followed by Dinner at 7.30pm.  Dancing to ‘Black and Gold’ will get under way around 9.30. There is a late licence. See the posters and flyers around the club!

Xmas Dinner: now is the time to book your dinner; think about your short mat club.