Welcome to the November edition of the Club’s Newsletter.  I trust by now you are all used to the blue carpets. As yet, nobody has yet taken home one of the new electronic monitors, but I don’t want to give anybody any ideas!

2013 Subscriptions: at the time of typing, over 165 members from last year have still not renewed their membership. Now, it is the middle of October, so many of these folk have had free bowling for one month. We ALL know, if we are outdoor bowlers, that we cannot play in the FIRST outdoor league game without first having paid our green fees.  I am proposing to Committee for next year that we (i) reward members who pay subs early; (ii) subs to be payable within 2 weeks and not 4 weeks; (iii) penalise those who pay their subs late; (iv) display publicly a list of those who pay late.  I would appreciate some feedback from members on these ideas!

Message from George Purdy: thanks for all the old mobile phones you have handed in aid of Share.  Keep them coming!

The Inter-Club matches for men were held in Ballymoney over the weekend of Oct.26th/27th, and I am delighted to report that our team retained the trophy by beating the Baker Stadium on Sunday morning and Ballybrakes in the afternoon.  Well done guys!

The U18 British Championships were held in Dunfermline recently and our young members, Jamie and Chloe Watson, Connor Prunty, and Reece Millar did well but sadly this year returned without any medals. We will be looking for replacements next year at this level as Jamie and Connor are going to be too old.

The successful Belfast Men’s Team retaining the Inter - Club Trophy

Reminder from the Office: please let the Office know if you cancel or postpone a rink – ie not just your opponents. This allows a spare rink to be used at busy times. Also, if you have a bye and want to keep the rink for practice, again let the Office know as soon as possible.

Another point: please respect those folk on the green who are about to finish their 2 hour stint – ie. don’t place your bowls on the green before they finish their last end.

General: The new bar leather sofas have finally arrived and personally I think they look good.

Coffee Morning: This year’s charity coffee/tea morning was in aid of Chest, Heart and Stroke. Thanks to all who supported this yearly event, including Alberta in the restaurant who supplied all the tea and coffee. Total money raised was over £900.

The Ladies Committee Coffee Morning

Weather: on wet days, and we seem to be having a fair number, PLEASE wipe your feet carefully when entering the building.

Club Shop: remember to use the Shop for Xmas presents. Vouchers are also available. The Club incidentally, can now supply tops for all bowling clubs (including short mat), since we are working in conjunction with Onside Sportswear.

As I hope you are aware, I am running monthly table quizzes at the end of every month to help the players’ expenses for the Internationals in Stanley, Co Durham. The next quiz is on Saturday November 2nd, and will feature Halloween Dress (extra points!), games, drinks, and yes, a quiz too.

I have been asked to explain the exact positioning of the jack on the T. It must (or should), be placed in such a way that when looking down on the jack, you can just make out the top line of the T. This not just being pedantic- someone recently lost a tight measure because the jack had been wrongly positioned. Hope that is clear.