‘BIBC NEWS’ – NOV. 2012

Welcome to the November edition of the Club’s Newsletter.

We have now printed small notes called ICE – which you will find beside this edition of the Newsletter; ICE stands for : In Case of Emergency, and we would appreciate it if as many people filled this wee form in as possible. Thanks in advance.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: these were due on October 16th. Going to press there are still a number of so-called members who have not yet paid.
There WILL be a membership card check VERY soon. People who have not paid their sub WILL be asked to leave the rink!

WINNERS: congratulations to Clifford Craig in getting through to Potters next year by winning the World Qualifiers in the Singles event in Bakers; also through in the same event in the Pairs are Roy Battersby and John McCullough.  Chloe Watson also won the Under 25 Singles – so well done all round!
Our BIBC Ladies team also won their first match at home against Co Antrim by 24 shots – in the Inter Stadium series.
The BIBC men take on Co Antrim and Ballybrakes on Wednesday 14th November and Sunday 18th November – all matches here.

OSCAR KNOX: there is an invitation match here on Saturday December 1st at 5pm.
Lots of International players will be appearing. John McCullough is looking for sponsorship and I would appeal to ALL members to support this event for this little boy.  Come on BIBC members!

COACHING: Coaching classes have started and will continue for the 8 Mondays through October and November. There is plenty of time for absolute beginners to sign on.
I trust you all have noticed by now our new monitor outside the Office- displaying all sorts of info; photos have started to appear, so look out !!. By the way, you also might wish to advertise here (for a small fee).
In November it is obviously the time to start thinking about Xmas lunches and dinners; you all know how good the food is here in Brian and Alberta’s restaurant, so think ahead and book your rink, family, short mat club, or whoever – into a Xmas treat!
Still on Xmas – the Club Shop has vouchers for those of you who cannot think of a suitable Xmas present. Delighted to say the Shop is doing well.

Can I appeal to all Club members (yet again I hear you say!!) – on the following:
1. Please close the outside doors both entering and leaving the building – colder weather is upon us, and you would not leave your doors open at home (would you??)
2. Please walk up the centre of your rink when playing, and do not intrude onto the rink next door.
3. Please refrain from parking in Disabled spots or Committee places.
4. Please do not wear bowling shoes when coming in from the car park – this only carries dirt onto the greens.
All of these points involve good sense and good etiquette, so please follow them!

Talking of mobile phones, we are once again collecting all your old phones – this time for Autism, so please leave what you no longer need into the Office.  Thank you.

A note from the Manager – please take care that you take the correct (*ie. Your own!) clothing home with you.

Champion of Champions Short Mat:  A very successful Short Mat Tournament was held here on Sat 20th October

Chloe Watson U25 Irish Singles Winner

Thanks to the Ladies Committee for organising this year’s Coffee Morning; to date they have raised £741 for the Chest Heart and Stroke charity. Thanks also to Alberta for supplying the tea and coffee.

John McCullough/Roy Battersby who qualified for the World Pairs @ Potters in Jan 2013