Club Notices first this month: can I remind ALL players that is not good etiquette to practice on a rink before a match. It is the same outdoor where it is expressly forbidden.
As previously communicated, the UK Visually Disabled Singles Championships are being held here this month – on Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th, and Thursday 17th November. Play will start on each of those days at 9.30am. Consequently the morning and senior afternoon leagues on all of these 3 days are cancelled. NOTE : the evening leagues will continue as normal – the ladies league on Thursday 17th will take place as usual.
As hosts for this important Championship we require markers for each game – in white top and greys. We would hope to accommodate all matches and ask our members, particularly those who are losing games on those days, to help out in a marking capacity. Let the Office know.

The Xmas season is fast approaching, and yet again, I would appeal to all our members to make use of Brian and Alberta’s restaurant – book early for your Xmas dinner.

PBA’s: congratulations to Simon Martin who has qualified for Potters and also John McCullough and Roy Battersby who have done the same in the Pairs. Good luck to them – we will be watching their progress.

A recent picture (above) of some of our Ladies’ Committee who raised £800 for Macmillan Cancer Relief.  Thanks to them and also to Alberta in the Restaurant for supplying the tea, coffee etc.

Coaching Corner: many bowlers assume that physical training for the sport is a non-starter. They assume their own level of fitness will get them through matches. Now, if you play several games of 2, 3 or even 4 hours duration each day I suggest the latter is not sufficient. In any activity, physical fatigue hampers mental focus. Will anyone argue that? In a 3 hour match, it has been estimated that a player might walk approx. 5km and bend up and down 100 times. So, I suggest that bowlers who are fit will have an edge over those who are not.To play consistently well requires concentration, determination, and of course, practice. And by that I mean good practice – because practice makes permanent; practice does not always make perfect.
Another point : it has been agreed by sports nutritionists for some time now that drinking water during a game is crucial in maintaining levels of concentration.
I might be going a tad too far in suggesting that bowlers should ‘warm up’ before a game by doing some stretching and joint mobility exercises. I know for certain that my own outdoor club would throw me out of the changing room if I suggested exercising before a game!

Bowls Laws: World Indoor Bowls on who marks the card is crystal clear – the second marks the card.  Outdoor is different – here it is equally clear – the skip marks the card.
Jack in the ditch : first of all, if the lead whose rink(team) won the previous end throws an illegal jack (short, in the ditch, over the side), then the opposing lead may choose his/her length. If the jack goes wrong on this occasion, then the jack is automatically set on the tee.
Secondly : if it is obvious that the bell is about to ring, and a rink wants to quickly play another end, the jack MUST be delivered properly from the mat. The player may NOT just hurl the jack down the green. Incidentally, if the jack IS delivered in time from the mat, and it goes into the ditch etc the end may STILL be played.

Late reminder: (yet again). PLEASE turn off all mobiles during games!
Note: Chase the Ace has now in November reached the grand total of £1820 – surely it is worth the odd pound!

Monday night coaching: going well at present – over 30 potential new members are turning up each night. Still room for more – if you know anyone!

Can I repeat my household request from last month – if you use a plastic cup for water please dispose of it (and the water) when you finish bowling.  Nicely please?!
Also a repeat – if you have to postpone a match- let the Office know; but if you phone your opposition please speak to them – do not assume a message left on an answer machine is sufficient.