I trust by now everyone has paid their sub for the year. There WILL be checks in November, so I suggest you carry your Membership card with you at all times.

Lots of people to congratulate this month:

Congratulations first of all to the following ladies from B.I.B.C who have been selected to represent Ireland at the forthcoming International Series in Perth next March:
Mary Bayliss, Sandra Bailie, Jan Bramley, Cliodhna Eadie, Moya McGuile, Terri McJury, Patricia Smyth, Marie Tormey.

Note: for those not in the know yet, Cliodhna has changed her name from Boyce to Eadie : a late congratulations to both her and Chris.
JUST IN – major congratulations this time to Cliodhna and her partner from Guernsey for winning the World Indoor Under 25 Pairs Championship in Portsmouth. Seriously well done!

Congratulations also to Barry Quinn’s rink for winning through to the AIIB Semi-Finals at the Baker Stadium. John McCullough has won through to the semis in the Singles, and Mark McPeak might yet join him.

Mark went to the USA recently to compete in the MAP International Bowls Championships; he returned with a bronze medal, having lost to James Talbot in the semis; Mark and James lost in the Pairs semis – so well done the Irish boys.

The Coaching classes on Monday evenings have been going well – averaging 21 beginners, some of whom have already joined BIBC. So – if you know anyone just retired or looking for a new challenge, get them along on Monday evenings, or start again in January for the second session.

Going to press, we are looking forward to the Inter-Association matches at BIBC on November 14th and 15th.  The team has been selected and the team sheet is on the AIIB noticeboard; players are asked to initial by November 8th.

Coaching Tips: Question? How many times have you come off a rink thinking ‘I could have done better, or I could have played that shot better’?  So; my advice is to make your practice interesting and varied, eg,
    • if playing alone, play your red bowls against your blue bowls.
    • play your forehand against your backhand.
    • take a spare set of bowls and ‘set’ heads in order to practice certain shots.
    • or, place spare bowls around the jack, beginning with a 2 metre radius, reducing downwards – thus giving
      you a square to draw into.
    • or, if practicing your drives, use 2 spare bowls, beginning with them about one metre away from the jack,
      reducing downwards.
    • use ‘aids’ on the green such as paper cups, shuttlecocks, handkerchiefs – to help to give you proper green.
    • practice bowling to two jacks. One short, one long, in order to get your weight.
    • change jack length.
    • change mat placement.

Umpiring point: a reminder to all players to walk up the centre of their own rink, and not ‘trespass’ onto a neighbouring rink (the Encroachment Law). Once again, a reminder that it is LAW to be at the head before, or at the same time as, your bowl arrives. Too often, we see bowlers stroll up after their bowl, with their opponent left standing on the mat waiting for them to arrive at the head and get out of the way. You lose possession of the mat as soon as your bowl stops.

Talking of reminders: now that we are getting into the wet season can I urge all players not to walk into the Stadium in their bowling shoes – our cleaner has noted muddy marks on the greens.

Scorecards: it is now Club policy for the Duty Staff to type up the scores within 30 minutes of the session closing; if the cards are not handed in promptly, especially after the close of the 9.15pm session, the new League table will not contain that result until the following week. SO: hand in the cards immediately you finish playing!!

Yet another appeal: please do not park in allocated spaces for either Disabled Bowlers or Committee members.

If any member has a complaint of any kind, please put it in writing, unless it is an emergency, and place it in the Suggestions Box.

Job Application: BIBC is looking for a new Caretaker/Security Officer. Application forms may be obtained from the Manager.

Entertainment: Saturday 7th sees the second round of the Club Quiz; the following week sees the return of the popular Bistro – live music that night. The week after that is our Fun Bowls Night when you can play games such as the wedge, target mat and skittles. This was great craic last year so lets have a big turnout – it is for charity.

The Restaurant has produced a fine-looking Xmas menu: it is always necessary to book for Xmas lunch/dinner. Why not bring your short mat club along?