Well, all Leagues are up and running, and I think things are going well. I hope you agree! Amazingly, the Suggestions Box in the foyer remains empty! (Correction – just received one!)

I would once again appeal to all members to walk up the centre of their rink and not the side, which can sometimes cause friction with the neighbouring rink. Thank you.

New members continue to arrive, the number now is approx 120, as some of these are house members.  Coaching on Mondays is attracting big numbers too – most of these in past years do become members, so do encourage anybody you know with time on their hands to come along.
The new points system is receiving positive reviews: I hope you agree.

It happens now and then that a rink has to play with 3 members – can I ask that if this occurs, then the first call is to ask the Office to appeal for a sub over the tannoy. We do have an extensive sub list, but quite often members are available to sub at short notice in the stadium. Just remember you cannot sub for a rink in the same league.

Some members have pointed out that a lot of bowlers are ‘dropping’ their bowls onto the green when delivering; we would appeal to all bowlers to deliver bowls correctly without damaging the green.

Another question has been asked: can a sub skip a rink? Answer: yes.

Postponed Games : can I thank all members for keeping these down. So far this year we have had 62 postponed games, compared to 100 last year.  Well done!!

Please note also that football shirts are not allowed to be worn on the green, even for casual play.

You are probably aware by now that I am putting together photos of our past Irish International teams, and individuals. I am grateful to many men who have lent or given me pictures.  I need more recent pics of the 1990s and 2000s, BUT I am missing most of the ladies’ international teams! I appeal for help here, or the Heritage Board will be male-dominated!

You are also probably aware that through book and video lending, and the sale of bowls stickers, we support Cancer Research. The sum collected recently from the boxes totalled £90.57.  Thanks to all contributors. Similarly, the Coffee morning we held recently for Macmillan Cancer Research raised £490 – well done!

Remember ! Pay your Club subs before the end of October!!

Our lady members had a good win at home over Co Antrim ladies; the men  play their games in Ballymoney this year at the start of November; here’s hoping they can retain the trophy they won last year. The team has been chosen and is posted.

I include for your edification a short poem by Ian Pollard : entitled:


In this you’ve got bias, but it’s not against the soul,
It’s just the way they cut the woods, with which we play our bowls,
Though the game is played to win,, bowling closest to the ‘jack’,
Every word and gesture, has etiquette and tact.

With both lads and ladies dressing, in club dress of grey and white,
They’ll settle down to play the game, and just enjoy the night,
Bowling up and down the green, in twos or threes or fours,
Until they’re up to standard, of the league or even more.

Then in best dress of  total white, with just flat shoes of brown,
They go off to represent the club against another town,
With ‘firing, drawing,touchers,’ it means more to everyone,
And though each end is fought for, they won’t lose their sense of fun

When the match is over, and every wood is bowled,
Mats and markers lifted and every story told,
They retire to the sidelines, shaking hands with all their friends,
And go home to bed, just to dream, of bowling perfect ends.

SOCIAL EVENTS: coming up:

Sat 25 Oct - Quiz Night at 8pm.
Sat 1 Nov - Halloween Party and Charity Rinks.
Sat 15 Nov - ‘Italian’ Night and Live Music (from 9pm).
Sat 29 Nov - Night at the Races.
Sat 6 Dec - Live Music.
Sat 20 Dec - Live Music.

Looking way ahead into December, remember to book your Xmas meal with the restaurant early. This is an excellent way to finish the season, and (or) have a good night out with your Club (either Short mat or outdoor). Another reminder too that the Club is open to all members for birthday and engagement parties, anniversaries etc.

Below is a photocopy of a page from the 1966 original programme on the official opening of the Stadium in 1966. Some interesting names here!