Reminder from the Duty Officers:

Please hand in the scorecards at the completion of play – too many are being taken home!

Also, if you do cancel or postpone a scheduled game, please inform the Office so that they know there is a free rink.

As you are possibly aware by now, we had a very successful Halloween evening at the Club. Stanley Hegan received his leaving present, and despite appearing as a French Foreign Legionnaire, will still have to work a bit at his French accent. To all those who entered into the spirit of the evening, a big thankyou. See the pictures to view what you missed!

Ian Bamford (Chairman) presents Stanley Hegan with his leaving present

Stanley Hegan's replacement

New manager - Richard Wilkinson

Prior to the music etc there was a charity rinks tournament and this was won by Bobby McGregor’s rink; members will be pleased to note that the rink decided to give the £100 to the Irish Bowls Wheelchair Association in memory of Alan Kirkwood.

Still on the social front, you will have hopefully noticed that we changed our snooker table for a pool table. We are having a Poker Night and Pool Competition on Saturday November 11th. I am pleased to announce that an anonymous donor has generously gifted the Club the first prize for the Pool Competition of £50.  The entry fee for the Pool will be £5.

The following Saturday night (17th ) there will be a Table Quiz. The week after that, we will again have live music and a late licence. Into December, advance notice that on Saturday 8th, we will be running a Night at the Races. Finally, in 2007, on Saturday December 22nd, we will have our Xmas Party with live music. Come on, the atmosphere is building! Support YOUR Club!

At this point, congratulations to Barry Kane, who returned from Malaysia with a World Bowls title, and appeared in the Mixed Pairs Final too, coming second with his partner. Well done to Ashleigh Rainey from the Baker Stadium and our own Cliodhna Boyce for representing their country so well; the experience will be invaluable.

Barry, Cliodhna and Ashleigh on parade in Malaysia

A reminder that our BIBC Association team will be competing in the County Antrim Stadium on Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th November. We wish them well.

I am probably not the only bowler in the Stadium to think that bowling etiquette is not always a priority with some members. I would remind male members that a full page of etiquette appears on page 321 of the ‘Blue Book.’  I am putting up a few notices of same around the Club as a gentle reminder, but I will repeat just the first ruling  here : ‘ Bowls should be played in a spirit of good sportsmanship and with good manners. Please make the effort to abide by these very simple but important rules.’

Finally, we are now into November, and all subscriptions are now overdue. All members should now be paid up and please note that cards should now be carried (it is a Club rule), as there will be spot checks throughout November. Please do not be embarrassed as non-members will be asked to leave. We cannot afford freeloaders.

Good bowling,

Ken Armstrong