Welcome to the first edition of ‘BIBC News’ for 2010-11.  I trust you are all glad to be back under cover!

Club News : the AGM went well ( I thought!); we have a new face on the Management Committee – Adrian Coyle; we wish him well.  Avril Brown has retired from her position as Club Treasurer, and been replaced by an old friend of the Club in Mervyn Boyd – we also wish him well in his tenure.  Avril has also given up the Bowls Shop, and the Club has taken it over, so now all profit (hopefully!) will accrue to the Club. Just for those members who were not at the AGM, BIBC can proudly claim to be in the black financially. I believe this is down to good management, literally, and I wish to thank Richard Wilkinson for his excellent control of BIBC.

The Open Days went well, and we have gained new members – at this point (mid-Sept.) – over 100, which is good news. Rink fees and Subscriptions remain the same as last year.  We are in the process of installing a credit/debit card terminal for the convenience of Club Members – for use in the Office and Shop (but not the Bar!)

On a sad note, I know we have lost a few Club members over the past few months, but I do have to mention the passing of Walter Fraser in his 94th year. Some of us will remember Walter fondly, especially the Wednesday afternoon Seniors league.

Health and Safety : it has been Club policy for some time that we do not leave Bowling bags and shoes on the concourses behind both greens, or on any concourses.  I STRESS – this is a health and safety issue. I am appealing to ALL members to obey this ruling. If there is no improvement SOON, there will be a clearout one day/ evening in the middle of a game.

Subscriptions are now due by the end of September!!

Leagues: Bobby J tells me there are more rinks playing than last year – again, a healthy sign. As usual, some members leave it to be telephoned by Duty Staff before agreeing to enter a League – this is an annual event, and is not really acceptable, as these same members would be the first to complain if they could not play on a certain night. Talking of complainers and doom merchants, some of you know they are the bane of my life in here. Maybe it is something in the air, or the water, ( but not the beer!) but there is a tiny ( I stress!), minority who still gurn and complain and find nothing positive to say about what is happening in this Club. I am thinking of getting these half-characters a free membership to the Baker Stadium!

A new coffee machine has been installed, which has totally confused some members, who can’t work it out. Similarly, a new water fountain has been installed near the food counter; plus a dispenser for crisps and chocolate for those who feel the need.

The weekend of Sept. 11th – 12th saw BIBC host the Fellowship Games, and once again, in an international setting, the Club did itself proud. It helped (of course!), that Ireland actually won the tournament.  At the end of the month ( Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th and Monday 27th) the Club hosts the qualifying matches for the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association). We do need markers for these games, especially for the Saturday and Sunday sessions – please let Richard know. As a consequence, there will no morning leagues on Monday 27th; no ladies or Seniors league on the Monday either.  The Men’s evening league that night will take place as usual.

The new Coaching season begins on Monday October 11th @ 7.15pm. Do your best to spread the word to potential new members- we all know the more we have helps to keep the costs down.

Law change: this season there will be no ‘giving away’ the jack.

Coaching Corner: in order to fulfil his/her full potential a bowler needs what we as coaches call : the 4 C’s.

The first of these is CONCENTRATION. As in any sport at top level, but even at Club level, a player must concentrate at all times, whether he be a lead, second, third or skip.  After all, the indoor game lasts 2 hours; the most obvious sign of a lack of concentration is a wrong bias.  EACH bowl should count – concentration will help this, as well as producing:

CO-ORDINATION: again as in most sports, good co-ordination physically is important.  There has to be a connection between brain eye and hand, and body. Practice and repetition will, of course, help immensely in this respect (as long as you are practising correctly!). Various aspects should be worked on :
1.Stance- which, for some players, may vary according to the type of shot being played.
2. Delivery – which may also vary for the same reason.
3.The Line of Delivery may vary, perhaps because of the green, weight, blockers etc.
All of these factors, if practised, should engender :-

CONSISTENCY: this is the key to success (and enjoyment!).  Any player who can consistently ‘pepper’ the jack will be a good player. Practice and repetition will also help to create consistency and this in turn should instil:

CONFIDENCE: all players need to be confident – not arrogant, but confident enough to play a certain shot when under pressure.

In summary, to be a ‘complete’ or ‘whole’ player, a good bowler must have ability plus motivation but the 4 C’s should help him/her achieve a better standard.

May I wish all players, especially those who have just joined our ranks, a happy and successful season ahead,