Welcome to this edition of your Club Newsletter.

Summer Leagues: Amazingly, the forms are now out for our Summer Leagues.  We are hoping to run Summer Leagues on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings from 10am – 12pm and Thursday & Friday evenings from 7.15 – 9.15pm.  we are restricted to 14 pairs per league and they will only run if we get a minimum of 8 pairs.

E Mail Address: Annual reminder, if you have not left your e-mail address with the office staff, or you have recently changed it, please call in.  Summer packs will be distributed from week commencing 29thJune!!

Restaurant: Carl and Dorthe just want to express their thanks to our members for their warm welcome. They are still open for suggestions for new items to add to their menu.

Etiquette: an example showing thirds and skips acting in a poor way.

It occurs when a third or skip leaves the head and walks up the rink; the opposing third or skip then decides to follow that bowler – but sometimes after 20 or 30 seconds. In a game I was involved in I stopped an opposing skip from walking up the rink, pointing out that my skip was already on the mat about to bowl. Have you suffered from this?

Club Finals: Club Finals went well and all the winners are posted on the board in the foyer, as well as on Facebook. Congratulations to all who played, and set a very high standard.

International Series: All our ladies and men head off to Llanelli for the Internationals and Championships in early March, and we of course wish them all the best.

Beginners: The Beginners’ League has now concluded and the presentations will be made on March 9th.  Congratulations to the winners M Snodden & M Mclean.

Three Bowls Pairs: Entries are being taken for our popular 3 bowl pairs competition to be held on March 28th and 29th. Entries are limited, with a round robin format taking place on the Saturday and the top 2 teams in each group returning on Sunday 29th for the knockout stages.

Housekeeping: Our cleaner has asked once again for members NOT to put any cups of water into the red bins - it makes taking the bins away difficult.

Back matches: I am still appealing to all members who have cancelled or postponed matches to play them soon. Outstanding matches are all on the noticeboard in the entrance hall. Please make the effort to play these – these matches are draining the club of money.

Some excuses for bad bowls (I’m sure there are more!)

Brought the wrong shoes; someone moved!; bumped my

hand on the floor; green is sticky; opposition is putting me off!;

trousers are too tight; forgot my glasses; I’ve hurt my back; I’ve got a bad shoulder.

Easter Closing Dates: The club will be closed for Easter from Friday 10th April until Tuesday 14th.  Please note this date may be extended as we are replacing all the pink carpet in the office’s, reception area and around the lower green.  Official confirmation of when this work is happening is still to be confirmed.


Ken Armstrong