Welcome to this edition of your Club Newsletter.

Looking forward: Club Finals were held on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February. Congratulations to the following winners:

Mens: B Prunty (Singles); R Kirkwood (Junior Singles); D Hamilton & S Bennett (Pairs); S Hedley, A Lightbody & P Campbell (Triples); C Eadie, D Nixon, M Merritt & S Bennett (Fours)

Ladies: C Watson (Singles); C Watson & S Bailie (Pairs), C Watson, A Morris & S Bailie (Triples); R Tinsley, A Morris, C Watson & S Bailie (Fours).

Seniors: J McGettrick (Singles); D Hiles & J Miller (Pairs); J Trolan, M Fay & A Briggs (Triples); S Hegan, M Fay, A Briggs & A Roberts (Fours).

The Mixed Pairs & Men’s Two Bowl Pairs are still to be played.

Beginners Pairs League: Congratulations to J Keig and D Mills, winners of this year’s Beginners Pairs League!  Hopefully we will see them playing in next year’s Winter leagues.

MOANING CORNER: it seems I have a lot to comment on this month, so I am putting them all together.

Firstly: it seems to many of us that there are an increasing number of bowlers

dropping their bowls from a height onto the green. You don’t need me to tell

you that this damages the green’s surface. Please try to bend the knee that wee

bit more. Thank you.

Secondly: and this is for both sexes—it would appear that too many people are not washing their hands after visiting the toilets. This Club is a very much hands on organisation.

We have put notices in the cubicles as a wee (!) reminder.

Thirdly: this is mostly for the men – the Club rule for evening leagues (and Senior league) is STRICTLY Greys (no jeans), and preferably white or Club shirts.

This includes BACK or rearranged  matches!

Fourthly: a number of members have been seen walking from the car parks in their bowling shoes, prior to bowling. This is absolutely forbidden!

E-Mail addresses: my usual monthly appeal for any new e-mail addresses – this saves us postage.

Would you be in favour of receiving this Newsletter by monthly e-mail?? Just a suggestion.

Junior Internationals: The UK U25 Juniors Series was held at the Baker Stadium. The Club was well represented, and indeed the Irish won the first match against Scotland, but then faded.

Club Dinner : is on Friday April 6th. We missed out on the Dinner last year because of the Internationals, but it is now resurrected, and tickets will be on sale shortly.

The annual 3 bowl Club Pairs Competition has been arranged for Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of April.  £500 for the winning Pair! Entry forms are now available.

Lady Presidents Closing Day: This will be held on Friday 23rd March at 2pm.  The cost is £4 per person, which includes supper.  Names are being taken at reception.

Easter closing dates: Friday March 30th, Saturday 31st, Sunday 1st April and Monday 2nd April.

Summer Leagues (I know!): This Summer we hope to run pairs leagues on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings and Thursday & Friday evenings.  Entry forms are now available.

Development Plan: It is time for the Club to draw up a new Development Plan for the next 5 years. If any Club member has a proposal to make, please put it in writing and deliver it to me.

Jacks: If you are coming in for a casual throw up and want a second jack, please ask for one at reception and don’t just take one from an adjacent rink.

Missing league games – suggestions as to how we don’t lose money?


Ken Armstrong