Club Championships: are running from Thursday 26th Feb. through Saturday and Sunday 2ndMarch. Good luck to all in semis and finals. Support would be welcome.

The Club’s Annual Dinner and Prizegiving is on Saturday 21st March at 7pm. Numbers are restricted to 100 so book tickets early to avoid disappointment.

The Ladies Section of the Club once again held a very successful Quiz Night, with the proceeds going to help our own lady internationals who are heading for Stanley shortly.

Marking the card: can I establish a system which applies right across all leagues and games. There does appear to be the occasional argument, so here goes. It does not matter who picks up the card last – the expressions ‘its your card’ or ‘its our card’ do not exist. It quite literally does not matter WHO marks the card – as long as it is marked! Plus: whoever is on the left of the card is on the top of the score board, or on the left of the electronic one.

Speaking of the card- would ALL players please ensure ALL names are filled out on the cards!!  This applies especially in Club cup competitions.

Cancelling games: let me be crystal clear. Every cancelled game costs the Club £32. We are getting near the end part of the season (I know!), but already some rinks are cancelling, not postponing, league games. I ask all rinks to play out ALL league games, whether they are in the running to win a league title or not. Surely we are not competing just for the money?!

PS: cancelled games loses the Club money and might result in increased rink fees next year.

Beginners Pairs League: is nearing completion, and as usual, it is closely contested. I am delighted to once again announce that our past Chairman, Ian Bamford, has generously agreed to sponsor the prizes. Many thanks Ian.

From George Purdy- thanks to the folk who donated 55  old phones in aid of the Defib for the Sharecentre.

The Umpires Association are once again looking for recruits. Anyone interested should speak to Billy McConkey.

I would like to remind all our members, and indeed guests and visitors, that it is Club policy not to bring in personal food and eat it in the Restaurant area (allowing for allergies etc).

Gaming Machines: We have switched from Oasis to Noraut Ltd as providers for our ‘gaming’ machines. I am grateful to them for sponsoring our Three Bowl Pairs on March 28th and 29th March.

A reminder that the entry fee for the last event is £20 and the winners will receive £500.

Congratulations: To the Ladies Irish International team who head off to Stanley early next month on the back of a good win over our own BIBC men’s team.

Note: A small (but important) point: please wipe your feet on the mats on wet days. Far too many folk just walk straight in without doing so – you would not do that in your own home!

E-Mail Address: Once again looking forward, if you have an e-mail address and have not informed the Office, please do so, as sending out e-mails costs the Club a lot less than posting.

Finally, good Irish luck to all our BIBC competitors who are heading for the British Isles Internationals and Championships shortly.