Talking of the leagues: the Club would really appreciate it if ALL league matches are played by the end of the season.  PLEASEdon’t concede just because you are not going to win the league.  Let me remind you every game cancelled costs the Club £24; playing all leagues matches is one way of keeping costs and increases down next year.

Senior Finals : the final match was played in this series, and W.Watson’s rink defeated S.Elliman.

Moving on to the Men’s Club Finals we had some first class games worthy of a Finals Day, and the results were as follows:

Fours : S.Thomas defeated M.Merritt.

Triples: S.Ashwood defeated P.Burns.

Pairs: A.Riley defeated D.Corkill.

Mixed Pairs: C.Eadie defeated M.Merritt.

2 Bowl Pairs: J.Boyd defeated N.Gibson.

Singles: D.Corkill defeated B.Prunty.

Junior Singles: P.Burns defeated G.Pierpoint.

Congratulations to all participants, both winners and losers for attaining a high standard of play in all Finals. Disappontingly, spectators were few on the ground for such a good day’s bowling.  If anyone has any suggestions as to how we make this major Club event more spectator-friendly we would welcome them.

The Beginners Singles has progressed to the Semi-Final stage; the Pairs matches will get under way on the week beginning March 8th.

The Ladies’ Finals start on February 26th. The Ladies’ Closing Tournament and AGM will be held on Thursday April 1st starting at 10.00am and all ladies are welcome; entrance fee is £4, which includes a light lunch. Dress is informal for the day. So – come and support your President, Gladys Taylor.

The BIBC men took on the Irish International Ladies Team last Sunday and gave them quite a trial which was what the latter needed before they head off to Scotland in a week or so.  May I take this opportunity to wish both Men and Ladies Irish International Teams, plus all the individuals involved in the British Isles Championships good fortune in Perth; we wish them all well.

I mentioned keeping costs down for next year. Members should be aware we are doing our utmost to reduce gas and electricity costs; we are trying to use what influence we can muster to pressurise the Assembly into looking at rates relief for sports clubs.  If any members have ANY suggestions as to how we could save money please contact the Manager or myself.

Saturday March 6th sees one of our most popular events in the year: a Night at The Races. Committee members will be circulating looking for horse and race sponsors, but come along on the night.  Great craic is guaranteed!!

Club & Restaurant Opening times – Easter 2010

Friday 2 April 2010               Closed for Casual Play
                                               Bar open from 7.00pm

Saturday 3 April 2010         Closed for Casual Play
                                               Bar open from 7.00 pm

Sunday 4 April 2010            Closed

Monday 5 April 2010           Closed

Tuesday 6 April 2010          Open 10am – 2pm for Casual Play

Wednesday 7 April 2010    Open 10am – 2pm for Casual Play

Thursday 8 April 2010        Open 10am – 2pm and From 7pm for Casual Play

Friday 9 April 2010              Open 10am – 2pm and From 7pm for Casual Play

Saturday 10 April 2010       Open From 7pm for Casual Play

Our Summer League entry forms are now available – the leagues will be running on Monday mornings from 10am – 12pm and Friday evenings from 7.15 – 9.15pm, starting week commencing the 19th April.