‘BIBC NEWS’ – Jan. 2011

As usual we have a busy schedule ahead. Sadly we are still counting the cost of lost matches, and therefore revenue, with the snow and frost. We really did our best to keep the Stadium up and running, but please remember it WAS exceptionally cold outside, and we do have two thin metal walls between us and the cold; plus, we do not have ceiling insulation.

We will look at the possibility of insulation for the future but my guess is that the cost will be prohibitive. Our main aim for 2011 will be the replacement of both bowling carpets. We have applied for grant aid, but as yet no news. As the weather (hopefully) returns to a more normal state, may I appeal to members not to abuse the parking arrangements at the front of the Club- especially those spaces allocated for disabled members.

Lost and postponed matches : update. Some whole league programmes have had to be scrapped, but where postponed games have to be re-arranged, I would  appeal to members to do their best to play the matches – remember each match lost costs the Club £24.

As reported last month, the Triples League for Beginners starts on Monday January 10th.

Xmas Raffles: Both draws for the hamper and bowls have been made : congratulations to Helen Grant who won the hamper, and John Trail who won the new set of bowls.

AIIB Championships: the National Pairs, Triples and fours Finals will be played here on Sunday 23rd January. Good luck to Steven Gibson, John McCullough & Michael Merritt in the Triples, to Michael Bickerstaff, Ryan Craig, John Boyd and Clifford Craig in the Fours.
BIBC hosted an all – BIBC Final between Mark McPeak and David Corkill, which the latter won in a thrilling match 21-20. The date for the National 2 bowl Pairs has not yet been finalised, but we do have an all – BIBC Semi – Final between John McCullough and Roy Battersby versus Michael Kelly and Patrick Burns – at least we are guaranteed a BIBC finalist.

The Inter-Association Games are being played in Ballymoney this year on 11th and 12th February – good luck to our team going there.

Coaching Advice  : this month I have borrowed some ideas from Tony Allcock to whom I am grateful : on Grooming your Mechanics:

Meaning – to look at the basic aspects of self-delivery and to groom the mechanics required to produce good bowls. A session spent with full concentration on the mat, grip and the logistics of acquiring the aiming point along where to deliver will most definitely assist a player. Generally, bowlers do not acknowledge the need to practise at all.

A top professional sports coach will refer to hours of dedication and commitment being the main ingredient to achieve success, enjoyment and satisfaction. Dedication is needed – but what kind?  A dedicated bowler will try to support the Club at every social event and big matches; a dedicated competitive bowler, while being loyal to the club, may feel the need to dedicate themselves to hours of practice and training in order to achieve their goals.

There are, of course, some disadvantages in playing too much.  Concentration can waver and this will certainly lead to poor results.  Playing too much can be just as detrimental as playing too little.

There are many different shots in the game, often depending on the player’s position in the rink. How many bowlers ‘groom’ a particular skill they know they are weak in?  This is an important part of bowls training – especially when a game is lost through a badly executed shot.  Psychologically, it is essential for a player top practice that same shot – before the next game.

Umpiring Notes: What happens when there is a Tie? – No shot situation
(i) When at the conclusion of play in an end the nearest bowl of each team is touching the jack, or is deemed to be equidistant from the jack, or no live bowls remain, there shall be no score carded.
(ii) The end shall be declared tied and shall be counted as a played end.
(iii) After a tied end situation, the provisions of Law 17E shall apply.

Law 17E: in all ends subsequent to the first, apart from an extra end, the winner of the preceding scoring end shall have the option to either take the mat and have the jack and the first bowl, or allow the opponent to have the mat, jack and first bowl.

Social Events: the Restaurant is having its traditional St Valentine’s Night food fest and early booking is essential.  There will be music and late bar on Saturday 12th February.