‘BIBC NEWS’ – JAN 2014

May I wish a fruitful New Year to all our members and visitors:

Welcome to the first edition of your Club Newsletter for 2014.  Is it just me, or is the time flying past??

On behalf of the President, Chairman, Manager and Committee may I wish all our members a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Anyway, a request from Billy McConkey who looks after our greens.  Apparently he has had to lift chewing gum from the green in several places.  So please place used gum in the red bins provided.

Still on the greens – both were stretched on Tuesday 17th December, so hopefully you have noticed the difference. Further work will occur in early January.

Bottom green only: please return the scoreboard controllers to their box at the end of your game (stops them being walked on!).

Wet days : I would appeal to all our members to please wipe their feet when entering the building. For any of your visitors, please tell them flat shoes are ESSENTIAL.

Practising: let me be absolutely clear: there should be NO practising  on the same GREEN upon which you are about to play (ie same as outdoor!) If you wish to practice before a game then it is only permissible on the other green! Plus – you have to pay for your rink time.

New course for potential Coaches: I will be running a course here for new Assistant Coaches on Friday 31st January and Sunday 1st Feb. Application forms from me and the places will be restricted to 20. See the Noticeboard.

Irish Mens’ Finals: this year they are now being played here on Friday 24th January, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th – so come early and book your seat!! (third time lucky!!)

Our Club Finals: this year will be on 1st and 2nd March- once again, for men, ladies and seniors. After that, I will be organising another Club Dinner – after the success of last year. The date for this dinner will be Saturday March 22nd - tickets will be on sale shortly.

The Club’s annual 3 Bowls Pairs Competition will be over the 29th and 30th March.

The forms are now out for the annual Vera McCourt Ladies Pairs Competition. Entries are by individuals, so it is a good opportunity for some of our ‘Beginner’ ladies to be paired up with a more experienced bowler.

Car Parking: in the rear car park, please park between the lines and not on them ! At the front car park, may I yet again (!!) appeal to members NOT to park in Disabled or Committee places.

Last month I was asking for ‘old’ bowls to be donated to the stadium. Not a great response so far, but can I appeal again – for bowls that casual players could use if they come without any of their own.

From John McCullough: a big thank you for the Philippines Disaster fund - £752 was raised. The Raffle Winners were: Billy Stevenson (again!) who won the bowls, and Gordon Watters who won the gift box.

The Ladies Committee are running their usual Table Quiz – this will be accompanied by a raffle.  This year the date is: Friday 31stJan.  Proceeds will help those BIBC ladies who are going to represent Ireland in England in March.

Future dates: the Short Mat folk will be here again on the 8th and 15th March.

The PBA qualifiers will be here on the 5th and 6th April.  Easter this year is on April 19th.

Again, looking ahead, if you have not yet signed up your e-mail address for future mailing in 2014, please do so. Electronic posting saves us a great deal of money.

As you can see, times are busy for us, especially in March – but that is the way we like it!

And remember: may your hand be steady and your bowls run straight (unless you want them to bend a little.)