‘BIBC NEWS’ – JAN.2013

A number of negative points I’m afraid to begin with: apparently a number of people (ie. Men!) are not behaving themselves in some leagues. I would appeal to all members to abide by the most basic aspects of the etiquette rules. I have posted these rules around the Club just to remind everybody!
Another appeal: some folks are using the ditches to throw away sweetie papers – we do supply litter bins all round the place – so please use them!

Dress Code: after a good start from September, it is noticeable that for men the dress code has been slipping: may I remind all male members that trousers should be grey or black; shirts should be predominantly white – if outdoor club shirts are worn they too must be mainly white.

League withdrawals: there have been a few  league withdrawals recently. Please check the leagues you play in to see if these affect you.  Also – if you are thinking about withdrawing a team please speak to Richard or John first as they might be able to help you find players to get you through the remainder of the season.

Shop: you will have noticed in the foyer that the Club Shop is selling some really good bargains – especially for the Ladies. Take advantage! There will be further discounts offered in February on a different range.

Table Quiz: the Ladies Committee are proposing to hold a quiz soon to support our ladies on the Irish Team for Stanley – so watch the boards for the date!

I have below a poem by our own Ian Pollard – who is not only gifted but also lucky (since he won recently on our weekly draw!): entitled

In this you’ve got bias, but it’s not against a soul,
It’s just the way they cut the woods, with which we play our bowls,
Though the game is played to win, bowling closest to the ‘jack’,
Every word and gesture, has etiquette and tact.

With both lads and ladies dressing, in club dress of grey and white,
They’ll settle down to play the game, and just enjoy the night,
Bowling up and down the green, in twos or threes or fours,
Until they’re up to standard, of the league or even more.

Then in best dress of total white, with just flat shoes of brown,
They go off to represent the club against another town,
With ‘firing, drawing, touchers,’ it means more to everyone,
And though each end is fought for, they won’t lose their sense of fun,

When the match is over, and every wood is bowled,
Mats and markers lifted and every story told,
They retire to the sidelines, shaking hands with all their friends,
And go home to bed, just to dream, of bowling perfect ends.