Note: clarification – 1. it is NOT acceptable to practice on the same rink as you are about to play a league game on. 2. It IS ok to practice on the same green. 3. It is not acceptable to practice for, say, 15 minutes on ANY green without paying.

Note: repeat point – again!! The dress for mens’ leagues (except morning) is white shirts and grey/black trousers- NOT jeans!

Note: repeat point – again!! Too many members are still parking illegally at the front of the Clubhouse. This is your final warning – you will be clamped.

If you leave your car overnight (yes, it does happen!) – PLEASE let the Office know as a matter of courtesy.
Now a plus point!! Before Xmas some matches were postponed – and I am delighted to report that most of these have been played since. Well done members!! Please make the effort to get all these back matches played.

Chase the Ace: I can report that this has at last been won! Also – that it was a Club member who won it – £2420. So well done Sandra Bailie. A new Chase the Ace starts in January with a £350 Jackpot.

Heat: I would appeal at this time of the year for all members to please close the outside doors as they are coming and going.
In a similar vein, may I appeal to all members not to wear bowling shoes to and from the carpark – apart from them being wet at this time of year, they also put dirt onto our carpets. Talking of which, both carpets were stretched just before Xmas – and to tell the truth, there is not a noticeable difference in speed.

Congratulations to 7 of our lady bowlers who have been chosen to represent Ireland :
Paula Montgomery, Alice Alcorn, Brigitte Leckey, Liz Bruce (new caps), a recall for Karen Woodside, and Sandra Bailie and Cliodhna Eadie.
Perhaps I can pick out Alice for special mention – she has progressed  from being a ‘beginner’ last year to full international in just a year!

Major success for our Stadium in the AIIB Championships held in Ballymoney 2 weeks before Xmas. We now have Irish Champions in the following:
Singles: Mark McPeak
Pairs: Michael Bickerstaff and David Corkill
Triples: Stevie Gibson, John McCullough, Michael Merritt.
Fours: Darren McElroy, Gary McElroy, Stevie Adamson, Greg Moore.
Senior Fours: Stanley Hegan, Sammy Moore, Mervyn Beattie, Seamus Elliman.
Congratulations to all the above men. So – good luck to all of them in the British Championships in March (Swansea).

We also have 11 representatives  on the Irish International team : Simon Martin, Paul McEwan, David Corkill, Michael Bickerstaff, Barry Browne, Roy Battersby, Clifford Craig, Chris Eadie, Gary McElroy, Mark McPeak, and John McCullough. Good luck to them too.