We have a seriously busy few months in front of us, with the British Isles Championships and Internationals in March being the highlight.

But looking back for a moment into December, the BIBC men did not fare particularly well in the AIIB Championships, I’m sorry to say. Our only winners were the Prunty brothers who won the two bowls pairs, so well done to them. All our other finalists were beaten.

The Irish Junior team head off to Dunfermline on January 10th and 11th – captained by Ryan Craig, but also having Chris McCall, Patrick Burns, Steven Gibson and Patrick McCafferty in their number.  Good luck

The IWIBA Championships will be held over the weekend of 6/7/8 February. The following will represent BIBC : E.Gordon’s rink in the Fours against S.Bailie’s rink; Sandra will skip her triple against a rink from PTIBC; Vera McCourt and Cliodhna Boyce will play in the Pairs, as will Molly Scott and Patricia Smyth; in the Singles Cliodhna takes on Jean McBride – good luck to all! Good luck also to the Junior Ladies Irish team who play their series this at the Baker Stadium on January 17th and 18th. The BIBC representatives on this occasion are Cliodhna Boyce, Gina McKnight, Lisa O’Kane, Caroline O’Kane, Samantha Smith, Pauline Dunseath and Chloe Watson.

Because of the International Championships there will be Trials for both men and women Internationals- the men on Wednesday evenings, the women on Sundays. Hopefully, there will be as little disruption to regular play as possible.




Congratulations to the following ladies from BIBC who have been selected to represent Ireland in the forthcoming International series here in March :
Sandra Bailie, Cliodhna Boyce, Irene Minnis, Vera McCourt, Moya McGuile, Terri McJury, Patricia Smyth.  Well done!

Coaching classes begin at the stadium on Monday January 12th @ 7.15 pm. Please encourage any friends, family etc to join.  Don’t forget, new members get a reduced subscription in the New Year, and in increased membership helps keeps costs down.

May I congratulate all our members, male and female alike, for considerably reducing the number of postponed and cancelled games; this was partly due, I know, to the new rule regarding 2 subs, but still, the effort has been made by all concerned. Thank you and keep up the good work.  Can I also at this stage remind all members that all rinks who play the entire season without postponing or cancelling a game will be entered into a draw for £100 at the end of the season.

One more important point in this connection! ANY game postponed or cancelled, the Office MUST be informed – two rinks cancelled recently without telling the Office and as a result casual players were actually turned away when they could have played.

We had a tremendous night of fun on December 20th at our new ‘Skills and Fun’ occasion; we raised over £270 for charity as well.  Members and guests will have the chance to show off their skills again on Saturday February 28th, so put it in your diary – good craic will be guaranteed! By now you will have noticed the tear-off form of upcoming social dates for your diary.  Members do actually complain about not knowing what events are on in the Club!  This is another way I hope of spreading the word.

Posters and information regarding the Internationals and Championships will be up around the Clubhouse soon and there will be an appeal for volunteers to help with the running of the event.  So make sure you keep the 13th – 22nd March free in your diary!

ALL MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: Smoking is continuing in the toilets despite alarms, posters and warnings.  Let me spell it out for members – you, individually, risk a very large fine if caught; the Club also.  If ANY member, Full or House, is caught in the act by any member of Committee, they will be reported to Castlereagh Borough Council.  They will also be suspended immediately from the Clubhouse.  I would appeal to all members to react positively to this message – outside cover has been provided.

On a vaguely similar note regarding members failing to follow Club rules : some members are insisting in parking in spots designated for Disabled bowlers. Please take note : if you persist in this selfish practice you might just find your car clamped one day!