‘BIBC NEWS’ – Feb. 2011

WELCOME to this edition of your Club News.

As we head into the spring and away from the cold (hopefully!), there are lots of things happening. We were hit hard by the bad weather, and we would appeal to all members not to cancel but to postpone and re-arrange  any matches – if they can!

First of all, the results from the AIIB Finals:
1. David Corkill won the Singles Final against Mark McPeak.
2. Clifford Craig’s rink won the Fours (M.Bickerstaff, R.Craig, J.Boyd, CC).
3. Michael Merritt along with Stephen Gibson and John McCullough won the Triples.
4. The 2-bowl pairs will be played in March.
So – great results for BIBC! Well done men! Good luck in Scotland.
A reminder too that the Club Finals are the weekend of 26th and 27th February.

Turning to the Ladies’ Results of the BIBC Qualifiers:
1. Sandra Bailie won the Singles.
2. Molly Scott and Pat Smyth won the Pairs.
3. Cliodhna Eadie, Vera McCourt and Sandra B. won the Triples.
4. Molly, Moya McGuile, Pat and Sandra won the Fours.
So – well done ladies and good luck in February.

The Men’s Team to represent BIBC in the Inter-Stadium matches this year has been selected. The matches are all in Ballymoney this year on Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th February.  Good luck to them!

It has come to our notice that a lot of litter (mostly sweet papers) is being left in the ditches. Please use the red bins provided.

St Valentine’s Night this year will be celebrated on Saturday 12th Feb, with a fine meal – you were warned to book early!! There will be a late licence and music from Jack Milligan.

Club News! – The Club Shop is offering a 10% Sale on SHOES, but only from Monday 7th February until 21st.

Please note: for all competitions in the Stadium ample time must be given to opponents when postponing matches (excluding extenuating circumstances) – otherwise points will be awarded.

Sunday 20th February - a Trial Match will be held between a Select men’s team and the Irish Ladies International team.

Just in case you haven’t noticed- the Chase the Ace fund has now reached £580 (as on Jan 25th). For a £1 bet I think the odds of winning are better than the National Lottery!

Mobile phones – Ladies and Gentlemen!! Too many phones are going off ON THE GREEN – come on now; there is a place for them.

Coaching Advice: this month I want to write about GOALS (predetermined targets).  Why set goals I hear you ask?  Well :
• Goals give direction
• Goals give a sense of achievement
• Goals help to focus player energy
• Short and long term goals help to overcome crises and setbacks
• Setting achievable Goals builds confidence.
There are of course short and long term Goals.
Short term Goals are specific and usually performance related. egs improve one’s delivery technique; get 75% of deliveries into scoring zone; increase driving efficiency; improve self-confidence.
Long Term Goals in themselves can be de-motivating unless they are accompanied by a series of S/T goals; so – goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timed, Exciting, Recorded.  ( NB – SMARTER).  Now, each of these needs to be examined in length (but not here), but I repeat, goal-setting SHOULD improve one’s motivation, self esteem and self confidence.