Welcome to this edition of your Club Newsletter.

Sadly I have to report the passing of Ivor Cargill, our esteemed Past President. Ivor was the heart and soul of Belfast Indoor Bowls Club. He was one of the prime movers in 1965 to establish a bowling club and became one of its founder members.  Ivor was involved in so many positions in the Club I can only list the most prestigious:

He was elected President of the British Indoor Bowls Council in 1982-3; he organised the AIIB Championships in 1988; he was elected President of the British Isles Indoor Bowls Council 1994-5; he became Vice President of our own club in 1998-2001 and then President of the club from 2009 -2017; he even had time to be Chairman from 2001 until 2007.

Ivor was a quietly spoken man but whose advice in Committee was always wise and welcome. We will all miss him and on behalf of the President, Chairman, Committee members, and Manager may I extend to the Cargill family our heartfelt sorrow and commiserations.

(Please note – more information about Ivor, and indeed the Club can be seen in the 50th Anniversary booklet, a small number remain.)

Housekeeping: if you use the restaurant for cups, mugs and plates etc please return same to the kitchen after use. This especially applies to users of the bottom green. The same applies to those of you who use glasses and bottles from the bar. Please make the effort to return these and help our restaurant and bar staff.

Wednesday night: some bright spark dropped his cigarette butt into the refuse bucket out in the smoking shelter. Fortunately, we got the fire out before the Perspex caught fire. So, smokers please be more careful!

From our greenkeeper: this is aimed at those members who use wet cloths or chamois on their bowls. Please refrain from throwing these cloths onto the green – they leave stains! Put them on the wood at the end of the rink. Thankyou.

One lazy……… placed chewing gum on the top of one of the scoreboards, and of course one of our members put his elbow on it, thus ruining a new jersey.  Please use the bins provided.

Ladies Irish Finals: You have probably already seen the notices about our Club winners at the IWIBA Finals in Ballybrakes. But just in case here are the winners:

Singles: Sandra Bailie

Pairs: Bea Leckey and Sandra Bailie

Fours: Bea Leckey, Joanne Morrow, Pat Horner, Sharyn Jess.

Congratulations to them all.

International Teams: Similarly, congrats also to our 11 members who have been selected for the Irish ladies’ team: Marie McCord, Alison Morris, Liz Watters, Liz Bruce, Cliodhna Eadie, Sandra Bailie, Janet Bell, Paula Montgomery, Catherine Beattie, Lesley Mills, Sharyn Jess,

The following have been selected to represent Ireland in the forthcoming internationals: Chris Eadie, Robert Kirkwood, Mark McPeak, John McCullough, Ryan McElroy, Stuart Bennett, Michael Merritt, Marty Trainor, Stephen Kirkwood, Dean Mills, Peter, Campbell, Paul McEwan, Paddy Rooney, Gerald McGleave – 14 altogether, not bad!

Potters Trip: all returned safely. Apparently, the craic was good, the food was good, the drink flowed and apparently some even watched some bowls. Some are even looking forward to next year (names are already being taken for next year).

Club Finals Weekend is 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of February. Come and support our best players.

Quiz night: The ever-popular Table Quiz organised by our ladies is set for Friday 28th February, starting at 8pm. Teams can be from 4-6 and the cost is £5 per person, but this includes a light supper.

February’s Lottery – the next draw is on February 28th. Top prize is £400.