BIBC NEWS’ – FEB .2013

Welcome – wow! We are already into February. Time flies.

Some major congratulations are due:

In the men’s Irish Championships pride of place must go to Simon Martin who won the Singles event defeating Steven Gibson in the Final.  Stevie went one better in the Triples along with John McCullough and Michael Merritt by winning the title – for the third year in a row, which is a record. Yet again, our oldies rink of Sammy  Moore, Mervyn Beattie, Stanley Hegan and Seamus Elliman won the Irish Senior Fours by defeating John Nutt’s rink in the Final. Pictures below:

For the second month running I have been tasked with reminding our male members who play in the afternoon and evening leagues about dress code – jeans of ANY colour are not permitted; white shirts should have a collar – ie. No T-shirts. This month, any member breaking these rules WILL be asked to leave the rink. You have been warned.
As usual, we are having stress with some folks who persist in parking in Disabled or Committee spots in the front car park. In future, car owners who do this WILL be called off a rink to move their car.


MARKERS: some clarification. Their duties include:
1. Toss a coin for the jack in Singles games.
2. Centre the jack when delivered.
3. Crucially – stand to one side of the centre line about 6 feet behind the jack.  Do NOT stand directly behind the jack (especially with white shoes on!).
4. Answer only the questions asked by the players – do not offer your own opinions or decisions unless asked.
5. Mark all touchers and remove marks and dead bowls.
6. Do not move or cause either jack or bowls to move until both players have agreed the number of shots.
7. Record the score at the completion of each end and notify the players.
8. Measure, if asked, for shots. If players disagree, call an umpire if one is available. If one is unavailable, the marker shall appoint one- the umpire’s decision is final.
9. Pass the score card at the end of the game to the officials – with signatures of both players.
At ALL times remain neutral.

The Umpire’s Association tell me they are happy to run a refresher course for markers if there is sufficient interest.

I am still receiving complaints, especially from some of our female members that some male members are acting in a somewhat chauvinistic and ignorant manner on the greens. MEN – please have a read at the new (and very orange) Etiquette sheets I have up all round the greens.

CLUB FINALS: this year they will be played on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February – for both men (including Seniors) and ladies.

Advance Notice: breaking new ground, I am planning to have, for the first time, a Club Dinner (similar to what many of us know in the outdoor.) My proposed date would be March 1st – and will be a ticket only affair. Details will be advertised shortly but I would appreciate it (for those who read the Newsletter!), if you would give me your opinion on this.

SMOKERS: I am not going to comment on your habit as such, but I would appeal to you all to refrain from stubbing out your cigarettes in the flower planter! Our gardener picked out 30 stubs the other day! Please use the cigarette bin that is provided at the smoking shelter

New Club Rule: NO petting on the green please!!

Note regarding law: if a bowl rebounds off the bank onto the green it is a DEAD bowl and should be removed and placed on the bank.

Club Rule: you cannot sub for any other rink in a league where you play. Note- your opponents could legitimately claim the points.
All bowlers – please try to PLACE your bowls on the green, instead of dropping them from a height.

Volunteers needed: once again we host the IIBA (Short Mat ) folk in March, and we require helpers on Friday March 8th and Friday 22nd March from 9.15pm for about 2 hours- to put down the mats.

Night At The Races: this popular occasion is for the benefit of our own BIBC men who have qualified for Stanley in March. All profits will go towards their expenses this year, so please help out on Saturday 16 of February, starting at 8pm.

Table Quiz: in a similar vein the Ladies Section are running a Table Quiz on February 1st to raise money to help our BIBC Ladies who are representing Ireland in Stanley. Cost is £5 per head but this includes supper.