A shortened version this month.

Space – Fillers: someone once said our game is a game of repeated clichés : I’m sure you can add to this list: (but keep them clean!)

• Just a yard   * hold your head!
• Reach up   * take the kitty clean!
• You’re tight   * is it up?
• Take grass!   * you’re flying!
• Get them up!  * close! close!
• Sorry about that!  *That’s a scud missile!
• You would need huskies for that one!
• Kerplunk! (into the ditch)

Enough! Moving on.  An Irish Select Team will entertain a 12 man team from Guernsey on the 4th and 5th of February. Format will be Singles, Pairs and Triples – so there should be some good bowling.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (3rd , 4th and 5th) sees the Irish Ladies National Finals here with Vera McCourt as President.
The Men’s Club Finals occur on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February. Congratulations by the way to Stanley Hegan in reaching 4  Seniors finals! There’s life in the old dog yet’!

The Beginners’ Triples League is well under way, and the Beginners Singles and Pairs Competitions will be starting shortly.

Plans are already being made for the Club’s Open Pairs Competition which was launched last year – prize money will be at least £1000 – on Saturday 31st March and Sunday April 1st.
The Restaurant is putting on a Valentines evening meal on Saturday 11th February at 7.30pm @ £16.50 per head. This will be followed by live music. You need to book.

Belfast Irish Ladies are holding a Table Quiz on Friday 17th February at 7.30 pm; entry is £5 inc. supper.

Looking ahead: our Manager would  like all those with e-mail addresses to fill in a small form in the Office – for the Summer e-mail shot. We also need volunteers to hand out these packs to the outdoor clubs at the same time – both these moves are to try and save the Club money in the post.
You will all presumably have seen the new safety rail put up at the side of Rink 13. More of health and safety – we will probably paint them in the summer.

Incidentally, all members should be aware that the Management Committee meets on the first Monday of every month, and if any member has an issue or a suggestion to make, please contact the Secretary in writing.