‘BIBC NEWS’ – DEC.  2010

Welcome : as we go to press this month, the Xmas decorations are going up, and not just in here.  Anyway, in this season of goodwill etc, all the leagues are up and running. The stadium numbers are being finalised, and while we have lost some members from last year ( as we always do), we do have nearly 150 NEW members.  The Monday night beginners  classes have been averaging 27 per night, and this is always a good source of new members.

We have live music here on Saturday December 18th – so you might think of having a night out to celebrate Xmas.

The Restaurant is taking bookings for the popular Xmas dinners - do not leave it too late! Book your short mat club in!

December 11th and 12th sees the Finals of the AIIIB. Billy McConkey is our President this year and he would appreciate your support.

AIIB – 2 Bowl Pairs - congratulations to Roy Battersby and Paddy Burns who have made it through to the Semi Final stage with their respective partners John McCullough and Michael Kelly.

Entry forms are now on the front desk for other AIIB Competitions, and similarly for our Club Mixed Pairs (due by December 23rd).
Due to the big numbers at the Beginners’ classes on Monday nights, after Xmas we are starting a Triples League – but only for Beginners – starting on Monday January 10th. Their Knockout competitions for both Singles and Pairs will be organised in the New Year.

The Darts Team is going well, I hear they are second in their league.

Xmas Raffles : tickets are now on sale for a new set of Henselite bowls - £1 each.  The ladies are also selling tickets for a Xmas hamper.

Book Club : our book and video library has been largely restocked recently. Remember, if you borrow books or videos, to put money in the box for Cancer Research.

Lost clothing : there seems to be a lot of this building up. If you have lost or forgotten any items recently please call in the office.

Turning right onto the Millfield Road : this is an ongoing problem. There is no obvious solution to it – but as we approach the holiday season, please be careful if you wish to turn right.  Remember – you CAN turn left and go up to the garage or the estate and turn round.

Coaching Note: the following can apply to all aspects of life, not just in bowls, or coaching, but I still think it good advice:

Good judgement comes from experience.
Experience comes from bad judgement.
Experience is the sum of all your mistakes;
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

You often hear the expression ‘practice makes perfect’ – it doesn’t if you are practicing the wrong things!  So -  make sure your practice is interesting, worthwhile with a set objective or learning skill.

Sadly some male members are persisting in breaking the Club’s Dress Code : let me repeat this as a final warning; any male member playing a league game in jeans or cords of any colour will be asked to leave the rink!  If anyone feels strongly about this, then come to the AGM and change the rule.

Xmas Opening/closing dates: separate notices are posted up all round the Club.

May I take this opportunity on behalf of the Management Committee, Chairman, Manager and all the Staff to wish all our members a very Happy Xmas and safe New Year,