‘BIBC NEWS’ –  2018 December

Welcome to this edition of your Club Newsletter.

The monthly moan!  Firstly, for those of you who like to eat sweets on the green, our Club cleaners would really appreciate it if you could manage to put the sweet papers in the BIN and not the ditch.

Secondly: we would expect general courtesy on the green from all players. Let’s talk about one specific example: skips. When one skip leaves the head heading for the mat, when does his opponent leave?

(i)               at the same time as his opponent, or

(ii)             when his opponent is half way up the green? or

(iii)          just when he likes?  or

(iv)           when his opponents’ bowl arrives at the head?

Answer: I would like to encourage all skips to take option (i), or (iv).

Thirdly: I have noticed a few men using electric cigarettes recently in the Club. This custom has been banned for several years now, and any members continuing to vape will be asked to leave the stadium.

Fourthly: a casual shoe called Sketchers has become popular recently. These shoes have a ridged sole and therefore is unacceptable for our green. Can I encourage all bowlers not to walk into the stadium in their bowling shoes (whatever their make!), and to wipe their feet on wet days.

Standards: our Club Constitution states that shirts should be predominantly white with a collar; we do allow outdoor club shirts. Jeans are not allowed or tracksuit bottoms. I appeal to skips to try and maintain our high standards.

Restaurant: The restaurant is now taking bookings for Xmas dinners.

Hearing Tests: Sweeney Hearing Care are offering free hearing tests here in the Club on Thursday December 6th and Thursday 20th from 10am until 1pm.

Xmas and New Year Opening Hours:

Saturday 22nd Dec – open as normal.

Sunday 23rd – open as normal for leagues.

Monday 24th Dec – Closed.

Tuesday 25th Dec – Closed.

Wednesday 26th Dec – Closed.

Thursday 27th – Dec – open as normal for leagues.

Friday 28th Dec – open as normal for leagues.

Saturday 29th Dec – open as normal for leagues.

Sunday 30th Dec – open as normal for leagues.

Monday 31st Dec – Closed.

Tuesday 1st Jan – Closed.

Wednesday 2nd Jan – open as normal for leagues.

May I, on behalf of the President, the Chairman, and members of Committee, wish all our members and visitors a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Ken Armstrong