Welcome to the Christmas edition of your Club Newsletter.

Inter Stadium: The latest Inter Club game was played recently between our Number One Team and our Number Two team. Interestingly the so-called second team won by a few shots. The next Selection meeting should be interesting!

Short Mat: The British Isles Short Mat Internationals and Championships were held on the 17th and 18th of November. Ireland did extremely well winning 9 out of 11 titles – a fantastic performance! There was a serious amount of noise for the two days!

USA: On a similar vein some NI bowlers travelled to Florida for the US Open and did very well for themselves returning with dollars and new bowls. Congratulations especially to Raymond Barr who won the Singles and the Fours event.

Xmas Dinners: Hopefully by now you will have booked your Xmas Dinner with Alberta. Its not too late yet – think of your Short Mat Club’s night out. On Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th December we have music and late licences, so either of these days would be a good booking!

Annoyance: A small annoying matter: one male member insists on leaving his half -drunk mug of tea on top of the locker in the middle changing room.  Someone please rat on him!

Lighting: By now most of you will have noticed the new LED lights over Rink 1. This is the start! Good comments so far. All are welcome.

Talking of Christmas these are the Club’s opening hours over the break:

Closed Sunday 24th

Closed Monday 25th

Closed Tuesday 26th

Closed Wednesday 27th

Reopens Thursday 28th

Closed Sunday 31st

Closed Monday 1st

Re-opens Tuesday 2nd Jan.

Cancelled games: in the month of November 433 games were postponed. In the year to date 148 games postponed of which would total £ 3772, and so far 556 have been played, and 17 walkovers which has cost the Club £48o.

Film Crew: In the middle of the month we had a visit from an English Film company – using our rear carpark. Sorry to some of our members who had difficulty in getting a space, but the Film company did not get it for free.  For those of you interested – they are filming a 3 part drama called Come Home, starring Christopher (Dr Who) Ecclestone. You don’t need me to remind you all that BIBC is a business and the Management Committee must make money in all sorts of avenues.

As the frosty days begin to take hold, you will notice a lot of salt in the carpark and on the steps. PLEASE wipe your feet carefully on entering the Club as salt does serious damage to carpets.

On behalf of the Management Committee, Officers and Staff may I wish all our members and visitors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Ken Armstrong