‘BIBC NEWS’ –  2014 December

I trust you all noticed the scaffolding in the middle of November. Result is that we now have 48 Solar Panels installed on the roof (see picture) and hopefully electricity bills will start coming down.

Children In Need: The girls in the restaurant raised a tremendous £435 for Children in Need. What a great boon to the Stadium they are. Well done girls!

Speaking of the Restaurant, NOW is the time to book your Xmas dinner or lunch. Why not bring your short mat club down for a meal and a roll up? Can I add here that the Christmas decorations in the Restaurant area this year are fantastic.

Club Shop: over the Xmas period there are some good offers, and of course, there are vouchers to suit all pockets.

Point on Measuring: Law 37.2 says ‘The third can nominate any and all disputed shots.’

Now, there is a lot more to it but just to clarify one thing: no bowls should be taken out or away from the head unless BOTH thirds  or skips agree. There have been several incidents on the green lately where other rink players have removed what they thought were ‘dead’ bowls from the head when in fact they could have been measured.

Clarification: last month I included several verses from an old bowling poem I came across. Apparently, one or two members thought I was ‘getting at them.’ Really? Some folk are far too sensitive.  I said I would print two more verses this month so here they are: (note the word ‘gentleman!)

There’s the skip who’s always moaning when he loses 5 or 6,

He blames the green, he blames the rink, he usually blames the lead,

The only skip who blamed himself has now gone off his heid,

But he still goes bowling on.

There’s the skip, the perfect Gentleman, so I’ve left him to the last,

He smiles when shots are against him are coming thick and fast,

I haven’t met him yet – the days of miracles are past,

But he still keeps bowling on.

Message for our smokers : thank you for leaving your butts in our flowerbeds. They add to the aroma and decoration. We have removed the beds from the front of the building for the winter, so, (seriously!), we would appreciate it if smokers would use the correct receptacles outside. There is to be no smoking inside the yellow lines. Thank you in advance.

Also outside, we have added a new safety bar to help people from stumbling on the front steps.

The Ladies’ Council are selling raffle tickets (£1 a strip- seriously!)) for a Christmas hamper. Looks good! Proceeds to help our own Lady members of the Irish International team for Stanley.

The Irish Ladies Team has now been chosen for Stanley. Congratulations to Irene Minnis, the new Team Manager; 8 club members (plus 2 reserves)  have been chosen, and particular congratulations to Janet Bell and Hilary Forrester for gaining their first caps.

A foxy tale: last week a largish fox was killed just at our front gate. Some people were a bit squeamish about lifting it, until a game Janet Bell bravely grabbed it by the brush and put it over the fence. There is no truth in the claim that she took it home to make a stole.

Car-Parking: please make the effort (in both car parks) to park BETWEEN the white lines – instead of occupying two spaces. The hatched areas at the front are safety areas – marked by cones. This means these areas are not to be parked in, since one area is near the front gate and the other near the first ramp down to the car park.

Etiquette: 2 items. Firstly, there have been a couple of reports recently of bad language in the Stadium. A reminder that this is NOTpermitted, and members WILL be disciplined.

Secondly, an old but recurring complaint – about bad behaviour (mostly from males) on the rinks; about encroaching on the rink next door- so, once again, walk up the CENTRE of your rink to the far end. PLEASE read the Etiquette notices I have up around the club.

Starting in 2015 is our Monday evening Beginners Mixed Pairs League. First matches will be on January 12th for 2 hours. Please register at Reception.

Irish Men: through to the Semi Finals in the Singles are John McCullough, Mark McPeak and Simon Martin; also through to the semis in the Triples we have Michael Merritt’s three, David Nixon’s three and Stuart Bennett’s three.

Christmas Dates: the stadium will be closed on the 24th, 25th and 26th December. Plus Sunday 28th, 31st and the 1st January.

Can I conclude this final Newsletter of 2014 by wishing all our members, and visitors, a very happy Christmas, and an enjoyable and peaceful New Year.