Welcome to the Christmas edition of your Club Newsletter.

Firstly, scorecards: please fill them in correctly ie. the correct 4 names under the named skip, not the other way round! Also, fill in ALL the ends and scores, not JUST the final score.  Next- if you have postponed a game it is your responsibility to inform the Office and your opposition. It is your opposition’s responsibility to give you 3 dates to replay the fixture.

Thanks to all for not taking home (yet!) any of our electronic score handsets!

Christmas Dinners – don’t leave it too late. Alberta is taking bookings now! Think of not just your rink, but your short mat club, or family.

The next Table Quiz is on Saturday November 30th at 7.30. Support this venture and thus support our own International players who are going to Stanley next March.

The Ladies Committee are selling tickets for the Christmas hamper – tickets from Reception.

At the time of going to press, the Club has so far raised £550 through the Raffle for the Philippines disaster – well done BIBC members. A set of bowls is up for grabs here.

Our official shop website (www.belfastindoorbowls-shop.co.uk)  is up and running now – look it up and order some gifts for Christmas!

I believe we all have a set (or sets!) of bowls at home that we no longer use. Please think of donating them to the Club, as some of our old sets in the Reception area are looking a bit the worse for wear. Thanks in advance.

You might have noticed I have asked for volunteers from BIBC to (possibly) enter a short mat team in the Lisburn League. Please add your name if interested.

New Assistant Coaching Course : will be held here on January 31st and Feb.1st 2014. Anyone interested see me for an application form. Places will be restricted to 20.

Christmas dates: Saturday 21st – open as usual for leagues. Stadium closing at 6pm

Sunday 22nd – open from 1pm -6pm

Monday 23rd – open for leagues.

Tuesday 24th - closed

Wednesday 25th - closed

Thursday 26th  – closed

Friday 27th – open for leagues.

Saturday 28th – open for leagues.

Sunday 29th – open from 1pm -6pm.

Monday 30th – open as usual for leagues.

Tuesday 31st – closed.

Wednesday 1st Jan – closed.

Thursday 2nd Jan – open as usual.

May I, on behalf of the Committee, Manager and all our Staff, wish all our members and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!