Welcome to the last edition of your Club Newsletter before the outdoor season starts. A lot has happened since the last edition, starting with the results of the Club Championships held at the end of last month:

1. Men’s Singles Winner – Mark McPeak; Runner up – Simon Martin.

2. Ladies Singles Winner- Sandra Bailie; Runner Up – Helen Wilson.

3. Men’s Pairs Winners- S.Martin, SGibson; Runners Up-M. McPeak, J.McCullough.

4. Ladies Pairs Winners- S.Bailie, CEadie; Runners Up- KWoodside, ACraig.

5. Men’s Junior Singles Winner- Scott Jess; Runner Up – Darren Atkinson.

6. Men’s Senior Winner – Matt Martin; Runner Up –Alan Briggs.

7. Men’s 2 Bowl Pairs Winners- CMulholland, JBoyd; Runners Up-DHamilton, SBennett.

8. Men’s Fours Winners- MMartin, NMulholland, JMcCullough, S.Martin; Runners Up-RMalcomson, JMartin, JFrazer, M.Leckey.

9. Ladies’ Fours Winners – MScott, MMcGuile, PSmyth, SBailie; Runners Up-BBassett, KWoodside, SMcAuley, ACraig.

10.Vera McCourt Pairs : Winners- I. Patton, SJess; Runners – BO’Rourke, IMinnis.

11.Mixed Pairs: Winners- CEadie, CEadie; Runners Up- RMcGettrick,JMcGettrick.

12. Ladies Triples: Winners- CWatson, KWoodside, SBailie; Runners Up- HWilson, LBruce, CEadie.

13. Men’s Triples: Winners- CEadie, SBennett, MMerritt; Runners Up- MMartin, JMcCullough, SMartin.

14. Men’s Senior Pairs – Winners : SAshwood, DHamilton; Runners Up- MMcKeown, MMartin.

15. Senior Triples- Winners: AGray, TWilson, RVincent; Runners Up- ANeill, HMcFarland, MMartin.

16. Senior Fours – Winners: SMoore, MBeatie, PMcVeigh, SElliman; Runners Up- ARoberts, ABriggs, MFay, MBunting.

International Series and Championships -the Irish men did extremely well, finishing 3rd overall on points but beaten by shot difference – this was their best performance for some years. Sadly, the Irish ladies did not fare as well, although in the first match against Wales, they did have three rinks up. In the Championships, the Irish did well to reach 5 Finals; the only winners were the Men’s Fours from Co Antrim.

E-Mails- a FINAL appeal to any member who has not yet submitted an e-mail address to the Office. PLEASE do so ASAP.

Summer Leagues: Pairs League on Tuesday morning (10.am -12), and Friday Pairs at 7.15. Entries are now being taken.

Club Dinner and Prizegiving: a splendid meal was provided, yet again, by Alberta. Sadly under 70 members attended, which was disappointing, especially the low turnout of Finalists even though their meal was being subsidised to the tune of 50%. Next year the money associated with winning might just be given out with the cups at the dinner. With a Club membership of over 1100, it is a sad reflection that we do not get more support. I put it to members- do you support your own outdoor Club Dinner?? If so, what is the difference between doing that and supporting the BIBC Dinner? Your suggestions would be welcome – eg would music help, a comedian?

However, it was a good evening and the Club took the opportunity to present David Corkill with a trophy recognising his 100 Irish caps –  tremendous!

March 20th saw Belfast City Hall open its doors to a gala display of bowls organised by our 2 Talent Development Officers, Chris Mulholland and Ian McClure. We had bowlers of all ages and abilities showing off their skills, and of course our Chairman Ronnie and myself put in an appearance. Check out the Newsletter website.

The same night the Club entertained the last meeting of Castlereagh Sports Development Association – we were pleased to welcome the Mayor of Castlereagh Council, Jack Beattie, and his wife and after the meeting we had a meal in the Restaurant followed by some fun bowling. Again, a good night was had- as we attempt to broadcast our sport more widely.

I am delighted to report the Club has succeeded in attaining the Clubmark award from Castlereagh Borough Council.  At an award ceremony in Castehill Golf Club on March 31st Club Chairman and myself were pleased to accept the award.

The PBAs are here again in April ( 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th) and we wish our own members all the best in this annual competition.

The Short Mat World Tour is here on the weekend of April 17th on.

Summer Opening Hours: from Tuesday April 7th the Club will be open Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm;  Thursday and Friday 7pm until 11pm.

The Restaurant will be open Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm.

Three Bowl Pairs: Congratulations to Graham McKee and Andy Kyle who won the Club’s 3 bowl Pairs.

The Accountancy exams are being held here on Saturday April 25th, plus Monday 11th May, Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th, Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th ; and Tuesday 26th until Friday 29th May.

May I wish all of our members who are going to venture out onto the greens a warm and dry summer and we hope to see you all back in late August, early September.

The packs for membership and leagues will be sent out by e-mail or post at the end of June.